Fascinating, yet Horrifying
5-stars for Author R J Parker

If you expect a thick book, you won’t find it here, and that is a good thing! What you will find is an overview of many unsolved crimes committed by numerous serial killers. Knowing these killers may still be walking in the shadows is unnerving.

Questions arise when a killing spree ends: Did they die? Did they move? Did they just stop killing? Are they in prison for other crimes?

Questions we may never know the answers to.

Serial killers are calculating. They are dangerous. Some taunt the police, daring to be caught. Others strike and seem to vanish until their next victim surfaces, leaving the question of: will they surface again?

“Unsolved Serial Killing” tells of the FBI and the Profilers who try to put together whatever information, if any, the killer left behind, whatever information witnesses can provide, if any. As you will discover, most of the time there’s not much to go on, leaving law enforcement agencies in the dark, waiting for a break in a case.

These unsolved murders should open the eyes of many. Some might not sleep as well when they discover so many serial killers have never been caught. I hope by R. J. Parker exposing the acts performed by such killers, giving description details when possible, the reader’s eyes will be opened. Pay attention to your surroundings; be observant of who might be lurking in the dark, and hopefully by learning what this author has searched out and put in one convenient place, lives will be saved. Highly Recommended.
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Published on August 10, 2012 19:25 • 132 views • Tags: crime, fbi, police, profiler, serial-killers, unsolved-murders, victims

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