God, what a nightmare! To wake up to Straw Feminists in the closet, one of the greatest bogeymen of all time!

Looks like feminism has been in the news a lot these days! It's of interest to me, which is why you saw that Guardian cartoon come of it last time. This time around, this sketch is more of a reaction to people coming up to me and saying they like "the Feminists" cartoons I draw. They're referring to the Strong Female Characters. Color me surprised! The SFC occupy a space in what is often shown to us to be "feminist" in movies and stuff, but that's not what they are. Their main deal is that they are horrible people! Granted, it's one of the words on the poster, but that's not what they are, it's a joke. I ain't in the business of misrepresenting equal rights movements, if I can help it. Rights for all!

These snakey ladies made an appearance a while ago as a twitter sketch:

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