Media vs Insanity PART 2

So you’ve self-published a book and you want to get it out there… so where do you start?
Make a plan.

You’re first stop is a website.
Get yourself a Domaine Name – usually your author name ie.
You can get these for free but usually they are only about 6 dollars a year. Google ‘I need a domain name’ or ‘I need a free domain name.’
There are plenty of free websites around but I’ve found one of the easiest to create for a non-techy type person is Weebly. It’s very straight forward and it’s all just drag and drop. Anyone can do it. You can link all your social media easily – they have special icons – and you can use as many pages as you like. If you want to add Search Engine Optimization there are plenty of sites you can go to for this just google it. SEO should cost about 80 dollars a year.

An integrated online presence is now a minimum requirement for authors. So you set up a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Goodreads and Reddit, along with your blog and attach them all to your website.

This is how your book gets public visibility. Decide who your target audience is. Does your reader find out about new books through their local bookstore or newspaper review section? Or are they more likely to be researching books online? Then there’s book signings and readings, or local radio and local newspaper.

Get on book cataloguing sites like Goodreads, Shelfari. LibraryThing and Amazon Author Central, Authors Den, Book Country, WorldCat, Smashwords, Stumble Upon It, and launch contests to give away copies of your book as prizes. Most of these tools are practically free so don’t miss out.

Ask David on -
Jonathan Gunson has free info on how to promote yourself -
Writers Unite -
Wonderworld - http://wonderworld-variety.blogspot.f...
Get your book reviewed at Indie BookSpot -
Digg -

Make your own book at -
Spinebreakers, Fiverr, Diigo, Blio

Write a Synopsis and Query
Get organized to submit your work to publishers and agents.
Your synopsis and query are marketing documents for traditional publishers, agents, editors, or marketing staff. It helps these professionals make decisions on whether they will represent and publish your book, how big a marketing budget it deserves and finally whether it is worthy of placing in bookstores and libraries.


HOW TO WRITE A QUERY (250 words)

Prepare written press releases, brochures, book trailer in CD format and other printed marketing material you must distribute to the traditional press and online media establishments. If you spark their interest you could end up being reviewed, or even interviewed, by respected publications. Try talking to as many establishments as you can.

Whether it’s a 10-minute speech at your local library or a talk at the local school, it pays to be ready with your book’s pitch to whoever cares to listen. Prepare a pitch-perfect summary of your book’s plot, characters and themes in a snappy and intriguing way – this is where a QUERY comes in handy.

Dale Beaumont has a great site on how to become a successful author -

Use free online video chat tools such as Google Plus’ Hangout or Skype.

And then enter competitions, pray and keep writing. Hope this helps.
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message 1: by Mohan (new)

Mohan K. Thanks Mardi. Great tips!

message 2: by Mardi (new)

Mardi Edwards Hi Mohan, great to have you as a friend! I'm very interested in your book.

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe Hefferon Thanks Mardi - very helpful, and Dale Beaumont's site is certainly informative. Thanks for all the hard work.

message 4: by Mardi (new)

Mardi Edwards Joe wrote: "Thanks Mardi - very helpful, and Dale Beaumont's site is certainly informative. Thanks for all the hard work."

Thanks Joe, so glad you could find something helpful there. Appreciate your message.

message 5: by Raphyel (new)

Raphyel Jordan A very insightful and resourceful post indeed. Thx alot! ^_^ I'm sure I'll probably have to come back to this article for references in the future.

message 6: by Mardi (new)

Mardi Edwards Thanks for taking the time to message me! Glad it helps.

message 7: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Moore I've read SO much about indie publishing promotion, but this post was by far the most informative, and the list of resources was exactly what I needed. I've sent a copy of my manuscript to Allen and Unwin (electronically, which I didn't know was possible until I found out through one of your links), and plan to send it to a lot more. Thanks for a brilliant post!

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