Just finished reading tonight your reprint of A Place Beyond Man copy ... I really enjoyed it! You did both a fine multi-cultural, multi-species First Contact along with a siren call to stop 'trashing our planet" in pursuit of profit and status. Bravo! I enjoyed a lot Tandra's personality, including her microbiological research work on the Moon, and found her "culture shock" reactions to aliens as real alien animals to be well done and convincing. The sideline of Shawne's playful acceptance of the aliens adult and small was a fine and fun sideline to the main storyline. And I really liked the blend of musicality and motherhood in Tandra's personality.

On the techy side, your description of Ellason the planet sounds kind of like a Brown Dwarf star that retained lots of water even as it failed to grow to a real star. Anyway, either a brown dwarf star or a planetoid with a highly radioactive inner core would fit the ability to stay liquid water warm well out past Pluto's orbit.

Overall,, your book is a story of people coming to terms with life, love, survival and positive cooperation, versus selfishness and deceit. A very needed parable for our current times, as it was 30 years ago. Looking forward to the follow on book in this series!
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Published on June 19, 2012 15:25 • 316 views • Tags: aliens, culture-shock, multi-cultural, science-fiction

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