So - I’ve got five books out now.

4 of them are brand new.

4 of them have to do with Shakespeare.

4 are set during the Renaissance.

3 of them are set in Italy.

3 of them have good titles.

2 of them are sequels.

1 is a comedy.

1 is about heartbreak, of almost achieving your dreams, only to have them snatched away.

1 is about a war that changed our lives, a war so few of us are even know about.

1 has Kit Marlowe in a dress.

3 have a greyhound. 

2 have a falcon named Susanna. 

1 has a bear. 

All of them are about betrayal.


So – which do you want to talk about?

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Published on May 30, 2012 07:00 • 40 views

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