Quick post tonight, which is sad and ironic. Okay, maybe just sad, since I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. Why haven’t I posted? Well, the obvious and boring reason is that I’ve been too dang busy to post. The better answer, which also happens to be true, is that I’ve been extraordinarily busy with authorly things.

I’ll have some good news soon. Nay, great news. But since I just used the word nay the way I just did, I don’t deserve to share any good news. In fact, stop reading now. I’m serious. That was one of the dorkiest moments I’ve ever had as a blogger. And I just called myself a blogger, which is another reason to leave now. Please, before the dork quotient rises into six digits.

Man, I hate myself right now.




Still there?

Okay, so some updates:

The decidedly un-dorky Meli over at Dreadful Tales interviewed me yesterday. In it I talk quite a bit about my upcoming June release, the above-pictured House of Skin. And if any of you are interested in seeing what I look like, you can check out the interview link and see me. Sort of.

She also talked about The Sorrows the day before. Here’s that.

Oh, and for those of you wondering if I ever got sick (you know, the last part of my previous blog post?)…

I did.

Oh, did I ever.

Future poets will write odes to the depths of sickness to which I sank. Sculptors will carve statues out of vomit-colored marble. Painters will conjure horrid canvases by mixing pinks and browns and what look like oak leaves.

So yeah, I got pretty sick.

Until next time, Faithful Readers. Some very big news is on the horizon…

My Bedroom Floor after Violent Illness

My Bedroom Floor after the Recent Illness

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