Hello! This is the very first time someone has considered fund raising for a cause after reading my book! I was moved that they were moved! Over at Mrs. Condit Reads Books they are doing a fund raiser to benefit Kaleidoscope Trust, You Will Rise Project,and It Gets Better Project !! Simply from readers leaving comments! LEAVING COMMENTS! No obligation on you part to give, all you need to do do is visit the site and comment!

Although, be warned, Lady McNeill gives a long, in depth review and may give away bits you don't want to know before hand. However, she does lay it out there exactly how she felt! (Thank you Lady McNeill.)

Whether or not you leave a comment, please consider supporting one or all of the causes listed above. Abuse, bullying, suicide, pain, emptiness, loneliness, eyc. these are all emotions and situations that go through the minds and hearts of kids (and adults) everywhere! They NEED your support!

Mrs. Condit also interviewed me :)
To read our "conversation" visit HERE

I am very excited that she liked my book so much to do this. I wrote about suicide because I feel strongly about it in that I KNOW people really deal with these emotions. The suicide in WLINE was born out of my own pain and a realization that I HAVE a strong family structure of support and a father who told me "I'm proud of you." Others do not. IF someone, under extreme duress could not find support, I could imagine the pain being enough to end it all. I could have, given those conditions. Thankfully, I have loving parents.

NO ONE should go through these struggles alone! In the sequel, (which I will hopefully submit next week) Matt's sister Hannah says, "Alone is a horrible place to be." I love that quote! I wish I could have it in the Goodreads Quotes already! It is how I feel. No matter what the situation, if you are alone it is 10x worse. I want people to see they have hope!

Please drop by Mrs. Condit Reads Books and leave a comment!

And check out their interview with ME!
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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances McNeal I hope I didn't give away too much of the story in my review! I just really loved this book and I started writing my review and all these thoughts and emotions came out. Then I tried to cut it back and well I'm a blabber mouth so there it is. A little long and a little revealing! Apologies if I spoil the story for anyone! Please read the book though, it was amazing!

message 2: by Wade (new)

Wade I like emotion! Emotions are good!!

message 3: by Wade (new)

Wade kim p said, (on the review)

From the review, I would suspect that I would be too emotionally torn up to read it. I also suspect that it is geared toward high school students or older?

My answer would be, "I think there is too much sex content to be considered a YA novel." ;p

Just sayin'...

message 4: by Wade (new)

Wade finally. TCOL is under 120k. (119,988!) My solution was to cut out sex. LOL. I will either offer these scenes free on my website OR include them in book 3.

message 5: by Deeze (new)

Deeze Hey Wade, Sorry you had to cut some things out, but in my oppinion as long as we know whats going on the "sex" can happen behind closed doors lol.

Offering the scenes on your website is a great idea. I know of another author that put up little extras and deleted scenes on his site, although in his case you got a code at the end of the book that you needed to access the pages.

Good luck

message 6: by Vio (new)

Vio I am sure it will be just as good without them lol!

message 7: by Wade (new)

Wade alright. cross your fingers and ever other appendage. I submitted TCOL again! I WAS going to submit MRJWC first but then I thought about the fact that it comes chronologically after TCOL and includes cross-over characters. So, I polished, shortened, and submitted TCOL.

message 8: by Becky (new)

Becky Condit Fingers crossed, but I'm sure it's so good it will happen.

message 9: by Deeze (new)

Deeze Good luck Wade.

message 10: by Vio (new)

Vio Wade good luck and yes keeping fingers crossed for you.

message 11: by Candice (new)

Candice Wade - wishing you good luck.

message 12: by L'marie (new)

L'marie Fingers crossed, good luck Wade!

message 13: by Frances (new)

Frances McNeal Good luck!!

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