I recently rediscovered some ancient (I mean ancient as something older than me) short comics in our bodega (I do not know the English translation of this.. sort of a basement and attic but it is actually a room inside your house). It is a gift from an old woman neighbor who has a child before, now much older, who loves so many books and literature. The old woman donated a lot of their old books to us which actually was the starting points of me having a library so I am actually very thankful to her and would probably give her a gift.

Anyway, more of that later...

I discovered some Classics Illustrated with these old comics circa 1970... They are about famous classic novels and literature. I was so excited because they are more interesting shortcuts to knowing what the books are all about instead of reading the summary in wikipedia which I do a lot for classics because I feel kinda biased towards them..

Anyway, here are the comic I found which I devoured already:

LES MISERABLES - the comics was so nicely done and it made me wanna read the book itself! It sounds so good and of course so much better than the abridged version of an abridged version of the original Les Mis.

Vanity Fair - so so..

As You Like It - another so so

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - I have the book and I think I will read it soon because the comics was so interesting..

I am now excited to read the others:

The Time Machine
The Reign of Terror

and others which I forgot.. will eb back for more updates.. =P
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