Well, AnomalyCon was awesome. One of the best cons I've ever attended, flat-out. I gave something like 8 presentations (solo or with a partner or two), made a ton of new friends, and sold out of nearly every book I brought. If you can get to Denver you should go to AnomalyCon 2013.

I'll blog more about it when I'm a bit better. See, after the con, I came to Utah for World Horror and...came down with the worst stomach flu of my life. I was so dehydrated and sick that I ended up being hospitalized for part of Saturday. While that was due to a very overreactive doctor who I think was having mommy issues, being treated actually made me feel a lot better.

Anyway. I missed World Horror on account of being too ill and weak from hunger to do much of anything but sit around and get behind on everything after just getting caught up. *sigh* Two of the things I got behind on was both answering Steam-Powered III queries and working on Femmes Fatales stuff. Which means, I didn't post to say that I'm working on Femmes as fast as I can, and that I've only received a few SP3 queries so far. so send your queries in!

And now back to the inbox. Whatever you all do, please don't get this stomach flu. It's really hideous.
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Published on April 03, 2012 02:39 • 31 views

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