As you probably know (from Twitter, Facebook, & the links on the right side of this blog) – Nina's keeping a diary of her life after Truth. Well… she's totally without pictures to remind her of her friends – and has no way to get any. So, this week she's on the information systems (i.e. the internet) looking for pics that remind her of home. Today she's found someone who reminds her of Chris…

What do you think? Check it out here (on tumblr or here ( Let me know in the comments if he's anything like what you pictured Chris to be! :)

And, be sure to follow Nina's Diary (but only if you've read Truth!) She'll be writing Monday through Friday at

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Published on April 02, 2012 09:38 • 104 views
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message 1: by Psylk (new)

Psylk Any hints on when the next in the series might be comming out? I can't wait for it!

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Hi Robyn - nothing definite yet. But, I'll be sure to announce when I know something! Thanks for asking!

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