Tainted Kitten - Content Warning

It’s your Kitten speaking! Welcome back to my dark and depraved world.
Once again, I’m here to give you a head up!
What you are about to read contains extreme smut. Like filthy, descriptive, no holding back sex scenes.
It also contains some other things that could be triggering to some readers:
• Non-Consensual sex acts.
• Taboo – Age gap with a minor.
• Reverse Harem – meaning I’m worshipped by multiple partners in a sharing relationship that includes group sex.
• Humiliation.
• Fetishes such as food play, feet, blood play, and golden showers.
• Addiction.
• Blackmail.
• Suicidal thoughts.
• Bullying.
• The backstory includes references to grooming, molestation, and child pornography.

Like the first instalment of my story, it will likely make you cry, laugh, get angry, and of course, I’ll continue to edge you until you need to take a cold shower. I am Rhys George, after all!
So sit back, re-charge your Big Jim’s, Little Jim’s, and Peter Rabbit’s, and prepare for another Kitten rollercoaster!


Tainted Kitten
Tainted Kitten (The Insatiable Series, #2) by Sarah J.D.
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Published on May 10, 2022 16:42
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