Reasons to be Skeptical About the Jab

COVID-19 vaccinations have become a highly politicized topic that has largely divided the United States into those who believe that public health should be prioritized at the top of societal needs and those who believe that public health is just one issue among many and should not take precedence over every other aspect of life. However, because the pandemic has become so divisive and the official narrative as put forth by the mainstream media and government officials only has one perspective on what is the right course of actions, the sects that have been created in society seem to be those who are sophisticated, follow the science, and obey government mandates like good boys and girls and those who are unscientific hicks who do not care about anyone else and feel “entitled” to freedom. This stigmatization against those who have chosen to take a stand against medical tyranny and take control over their own bodies has mobilized into a campaign of degradation and marginalization that threatens to cause civil unrest or mass civil disobedience across the country.

Whenever a society gets to the point where the narrative leads to scapegoating and the ostracization of certain groups of people, one must start to question the motives of those in charge. Government propaganda will always exist to some degree, but when it attempts to caste out people who do not comply with the agenda, tenants of fascism are present.

Tying patriotic duty and fear of consequences to the narrative creates an ultranationalist environment, and although the United States has not embraced fascism in full or gone to the extremes of Hitler’s National Socialism (Nazism), there are many similarities. For instance, New York State under Governor Cuomo oversaw the consolidation of power under one leader for over a year without the legislature in session or the courts operating as usual. The dear leader had the authority to legislate on his own whim and alter or abolish any previous legislation that he desired. The dividing of businesses into essential and nonessential categories led to forced shutdowns of small businesses and the ability of large corporations to stay in operation. Favorable treatment of certain businesses and the centralization of the economy are elements of corporatism.

Under the governor, collectivism was forced on individuals as people were not permitted to travel, gather, or participate in normal activities that were not deemed essential by the state. Although assembly was not mowed down by the military, arrests, fines, and business shutdowns were imposed on those who desired to participate in voluntary transactions or worship in churches and synagogues (the Jewish community was specifically targeted due to defiance of state mandates). People were not free to practice their religion, assemble in places of their own choosing, utilize their own personal property, or gather with whomever they wished in their own residences. Neighbors began to snitch on those who had parties in their yards and call the police on those not masking or social distancing. We were not free to breathe fresh air, as the choice of what to wear on our faces was made for us. Civil liberties were stripped, while the governor arbitrarily legislated.

Now, with the vaccine being rolled out and the upcoming vaccine mandates and passports, the concept of being required to show one’s papers to travel or participate in society is gradually being introduced. Fascism has taken root in the United States, and it is only a matter of time before this is exploited by a ruthless leader. Because of COVID-19 conditioning and propaganda, Americans would undoubtedly accept full-on fascism, if it were introduced in a manner that causes fear. All that is needed is the correct emergency and it would be all over for individual freedom.

Will the vaccines be the tool to usher in this type of tyranny? Only time will tell, but as we examine the specific elements of the fascist narrative and the properties associated with the administering of the vaccines, be mindful that history will judge us on how well we resist the growing totalitarianism. Those who have been subjugated to the propaganda will vigorously defend what they believe is right and cannot conceive that their ideas could possibly be fascist or incorrect in any way, so with that being said, try to be compassionate towards those who are largely only guilty of the crime of naivety.

Every individual is free to choose whether or not he or she prefers to receive the jab, and nobody (vaccinated or unvaccinated) should be shamed for their decision. Vaccine companies should be free to manufacture products with the easing of regulations as has been done in Operation Warp Speed, however, the government should not be coercing people into receiving the vaccine.

Reasons to be skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine are as follows:

Disregard for Prior Infection

We are being coerced to get the vaccine, but there is no mention of prior infection. I personally know people who have had the virus really bad, but they do not believe that the virus has warranted the extreme mitigation measures taken. Throughout the history of virology, we have relied heavily on natural immunity, and in this pandemic, the measures taken have encouraged the opposite (keeping us apart, trying to eliminate spread completely, and attempting to vaccinate those who have had the virus). Studies may be inconclusive at this time about how long natural antibodies last, but the mainstream media, government, and controlled experts do not care and would prefer everyone to risk side effects regardless. This is suspicious and should make everyone question why they want us all to get vaccinated (including children, teenagers, and young adults). Is there an ulterior motive?

It may also be that the majority of the population has already gotten the virus, being that it likely escaped from the laboratory in Wuhan, China in the Fall of 2019 and spread across the world after the Military World Games that took place in the same city where the virus originated and resulted in many athletes getting sick with coronavirus-like symptoms before traveling back to their home countries. Therefore, there may be more immunity in the populace than was previously thought, and we may be close to herd immunity (many people claim to have been sicker than they had ever been around the end of 2019 and into early 2020). Yet, the powers that be continue to press the vaccine without investigating whether this could be the case (antibody tests should have been conducted all along).

The controlled scientific community has even been toying with the idea to change the definition of herd immunity to include only vaccines and ignore natural immunity to better fit with the push for mass vaccination. Initially, we were told that we only needed to get 60-70% of the population vaccinated to reach herd immunity, and now we are being told that the goalpost has been moved to 80-90%, which begs the question of why is this the case (the weaker Delta variant is not a good excuse)? Is it that the science has changed, or is it that they want a super-majority of people to get vaccinated for some unknown reason? Why was the Great Barrington Declaration’s advocating of sheltering vulnerable individuals and allowing herd immunity to be gained by the younger population ignored? It is like they kept us all sheltered from the virus just so the vaccines could be utilized in the future. It is also clear that COVID-19 will become endemic, and since it cannot be eradicated and will find animal reservoirs to hide in until cold weather weakens the immune systems of its victims, forcing vaccines upon the public may not be the correct process and may even cause the virus to become prolonged and more severe with additional variants (variants may become vaccine-resistant).

Failing Vaccines

We do not have a complete picture on the success of the vaccines or the necessity for them. The news headlines are all over the place, the communication between the government and experts and the average citizens is poor, and surges seem to exist regardless of the mitigation measures or vaccination status. In Provincetown, Massachusetts, 74% of those hospitalized for the virus were vaccinated, and in Israel, which utilizes the Pfizer vaccine and is ahead of the United States in its timeline of the Delta variant, has been seeing an increase in cases, despite being one of the most vaccinated countries on earth.

Many will claim that as the vaccination rate increases, there will be more vaccinated patients hospitalized and that this just shows that the vaccine is working properly. This makes some sense in that the vaccine is not perfect and breakthrough cases will exist, but the media expects us to believe that the numerous breakthrough cases that we are seeing is equivalent to success. I would not consider this a victory or impressive by any standards, as I would expect the vaccines to prevent the overall spread of the disease, if government coercion is to be warranted. In the United Kingdom (UK), a study suggests that vaccinated individuals died at a much higher rate than unvaccinated ones (running contrary to a few other studies), but we still cannot know for sure until future data is released.

Furthermore, contrary to what we were told in the beginning, the vaccines are not doing an overall great job at preventing spread, and if the whole point of getting the vaccine is simply to reduce severe symptoms, what is the point of risking potential side effects for demographics that are not in particular danger under the wild type virus or its variants? The media is crying that the Delta surge is a pandemic of the unvaccinated (fearmongering propaganda) and that 99% of the hospitalizations occur in the unvaccinated; however, if, for example, 3% of COVID-19 cases result in hospitalizations and there are 10,000 cases (5,000 vaccinated and 5,000 unvaccinated, we will say hypothetically), this would result in 300 hospitalizations (297 of which would be unvaccinated). 297 unvaccinated hospitalizations out of 10,000 total cases (or 5,000 unvaccinated cases) is not really a risk that is necessarily worth it for many individuals.

With a less than one percent casualty rate for most people, the virus just is not that deadly, and a vaccine for it is not necessary for everyone. The vaccine might make sense for those over seventy years old, but it does not make sense for young people, especially children. The fact that they are pushing this vaccine to “protect” children not only ignores the scientific data on the subject, but it is suspicious and unethical to do so (we do not know what this will do to children in the future, and they are not really at much of a risk). Children will still be forced to mask up in the fall in many areas, potentially stunting communication skills and causing anxiety.

In addition, the case in Israel might show that the antibodies only last for six months to one year, and therefore, continuous boosters that could do unknown harm may be pushed on the population for years to come. That country has released data suggesting that the Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective against the Delta variant. Boosters are currently being authorized and will likely be needed for everyone due to waning effectiveness. The vaccine seems to be failing in the long-term, but until data can be taken into the future, we cannot know for sure. As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would suggest, it may even be that the vaccinated and unvaccinated have the same viral load, thus its decision to recommend masks regardless of vaccination status.

The flip flopping on masks and vaccines is a problem because if people cannot trust their institutions to provide factual and non-politicized information, there will be conflict. All-in-all, it appears from the data that those who are vaccinated are at a reduced risk for being hospitalized, and those who are unvaccinated are at a higher risk of hospitalization. Therefore, it appears that the historical concept of vaccines should be applied in society: if you are vaccinated, you are safe, and if you are not vaccinated, you may be at risk.

Either way, the choice should be the individual’s alone, and those who want to be protected, should be free to get vaccinated. Why should the vaccinated fear the unvaccinated if they are protected? It is suspicious that there is so much emphasis on vaccination alone, and those who do not get vaccinated are getting shamed into it, or worse yet, they are being caste out of society (like with the “key to New York City” vaccine passport concept). It is unethical to force an injection into individuals that does not have long-term scientific studies (not circumstantial evidence or short-term studies that are biased towards the vaccine to begin with) of the side effects and safety of the product, and demonization and the casting out of those who choose to take control over their bodies from society are unacceptable in a free society. If this does cause significant harm in individuals or there are sinister intentions in the distribution (like population control), there will be no recourse or accountability for harm caused.

Short-Term Effects

We do not fully understand the short-term effects and adverse reaction. Many proponents of the vaccines have equated these risks to being struck by lightning or getting attacked by a shark, however, to many people, the very thought that rare reactions may occur are enough to cause fear. Plus, one could mention that for young and middle-aged people, the chance of death from the virus is likely far under one percent, so it becomes a balancing act of risk. I have heard of people that have been hospitalized (and almost died) due to the vaccine. I also know of people who have gotten the disease severely, but even they would suggest that the measures taken during this pandemic are too extreme. Belittling people because of these fears is disrespectful and unhelpful towards the overall goal of vaccination, so the pro-COVID vaccine people are actually hurting their cause.

Known short-term reactions include: blood clots, myocarditis (heart inflammation), Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions), fainting, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (neurological disorder). The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) under the management of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC keeps track of the side effects, but some claim that the reactions are sharply under-counted. Others claim that because the reports can be made by anyone and are unverified, the reactions are over-counted. Either way, side effects are a concern to many people.

Long-Term Effects

We have not been informed of long-term effects due to lack of data. How do we know that some of the aforementioned side effects will not surface down the road for some individuals or that the vaccine will not trigger some autoimmune response or neurological issue? Despite the constant claims all over the media and throughout most everything in society, we cannot really know if the vaccines are safe. Studies need to be conducted over a period of several years like with other vaccines, and forcing this on society in the now is unethical. Some suggest that the majority of people have or will get potentially deadly blood clots and myocarditis. If the government were planning population control or mass sterilization (because of overpopulation and climate change), causing fear around the virus and then introducing a deadly cure certainly would be the way to do this. Although this is highly speculative, distrust of government is a large reason for vaccine hesitancy.


We have observed deaths due to the vaccines, and for every one of the number of sob stories that are blowing up the media headlines about young people regretting not having gotten the jab and succumbing to conspiracy theories, there are similar emotional accounts of young and healthy people dropping dead from the vaccine. VAERS has reports of over 6,000 deaths post-vaccine (some “misinformation” peddlers claim as many as 45,000), but the CDC stresses that these are not necessarily all due to the vaccine. However, logic should tell you that if people who have had no prior health issues or who were doing fine up until the point of the jab ended up getting hospitalized or dying within days or weeks, there is a very good chance that there was causation.

Although causation may be difficult to prove, concerns are being met with accusations of selfishness and science-denial. The fact that the media and government officials are attempting to downplay side effects to the vaccine and claim that these coincidental deaths most likely were not due to the vaccine without doing investigations into the matter is a bit suspicious. These concerns about deaths are real, but they are constantly dismissed in favor of the “get over yourself and just go get vaccinated, already” mentality.

Furthermore, it is possible that the spike protein generated from the mRNA and adenovirus vaccine methods travels from the initial injection site to other parts of the body, potentially causing the binding to blood vessel cells and platelet receptors or accumulation in women’s ovaries (leading to blood clots or miscarriages). Although many will reject these ideas, since this is new technology that has not been able to be studied with the same amount of data as other vaccines, it is difficult to say whether there is any validity to these types of claims.

New Technology

We do not fully understand how the new mRNA technology works, and those blindly receiving the jab often claim that following the science is the highest standard in society and that the scientific and medical communities would not cause harm to the population. Although it is true that most health care providers, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals would not intentionally harm their patients, ignorance could be a factor. The medical experts are pressured to go along with the narrative and follow certain data that is permitted to be released due to financial backing and the risk of being laughed out of the academic community. Funding has to come from somewhere, and as many are aware, money talks.

The mRNA technology utilized in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines injects a piece of messenger molecule into one’s cells that instructs the body how to create the spike protein that is peculiar to SARS-CoV-2, thus creating an immune response for a future encounter. Similarly, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (as well as the Oxford-AstraZeneca one that is common in Europe) manipulates an adenovirus (unrelated to the coronavirus) with an encoded piece of DNA that instructs the body how to create the spike protein. Traditionally, vaccines have been the injection of a dead or weakened version of the actual virus in question, but all of these COVID-19 vaccines are different. Why is that? Why has no manufacturer attempted to create a conventional vaccine? Could there be a perfectly good explanation for this? Sure, but there could also be a sinister one (perhaps creating a spike protein in the body is being used for alternative purposes)?

Distrust of Government

We have a history of the federal government participating in many unethical practices, from experimentation on Americans to spying on citizens, torturing captured enemies, and bombing weaker nations. Experimentation on the population has ranged from MK Ultra’s drug tests on military subjects to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study’s trials on black Americans (showing complete disregard for the subjects’ lives). Operation Northwoods was a military plan to commit violent terrorist actions against the American people in order to gain support for a war against Cuba, and although this stopped short of occurring due to disapproval by President John F. Kennedy and his secretary of defense, Robert McNamara, it does show intent by the government to cause harm for political agendas. Edward Snowden revealed that the government was spying on its citizens, and this was actively covered up from 2001 to 2013.

Then, of course, we had the pandemic exercises of Event 201 and Crimson Contagion that seemed to predict the dilemma that we are now facing. These were brought on by John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum (WEF); as well as nineteen federal agencies, twelve state governments (including New York), and several hospitals. When Governor Cuomo, for example, went on television telling the public that we could not know that a pandemic like this would occur with us being so unprepared, he was lying because that is exactly what these exercises showed. Plus, they occurred just months prior to the real-world pandemic, so the timing is suspicious. The WEF and its founder Klaus Schwab desired a “great reset” (by 2030, “you will own nothing and you will be happy”) for the world back in 2014 and 2015 (“We need to press restart on the global economy”), and the pandemic gave them the perfect opportunity to conveniently exploit humanity after practicing exactly what it seems that they knew was coming months later.

The vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability and cannot be sued for harm caused by their products. Meanwhile, these companies receive billions of dollars paid for by the government without the necessity for spending resources or time on marketing or distribution, and in some cases, mandating that the products be consumed by the public is occurring (like with the vaccine passport system in New York City and for colleges and medical personnel, and other localities are now considering it). These companies have no real incentive to make a safe product since it is administered publicly, and with the push for boosters, the manufacturers stand to make significant amounts of additional profit.

Moderna, which was rearing to go when the virus was released, had massive amounts of funding from National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Did the government know that this pandemic was coming and that is why it funded the company? These vaccines developed quickly, and perhaps part of the reason was that the technology was being worked on for years prior to the pandemic. One of the inventors of the mRNA technology has warned about the COVID-19 vaccine (not mRNA technology in general and just these particular vaccines) and how it is being unethically forced upon the population and how drugs that could have saved lives and treated patients inexpensively (like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine), thus stripping the vaccine manufacturers of their profits, were ignored (this public health-industrial complex is similar to the war-profit mentality of the military-industrial complex).

The government has been so back and forth with its communication with the public (Fauci said that masks were unnecessary, which was backed by many randomized controlled trials, and then he eventually advocated for masks being the most effective mitigation measure; and then the CDC said that masks could be dropped for individuals who were vaccinated, but this later changed to masking for everyone regardless of status).

Prior to the vaccine distribution, essential workers were allowed to be employed without the vaccine, and individuals were permitted to enjoy indoor dining, but after the vaccine rollout began, there was suddenly an effort to prohibit people from entering certain premises. This sounds more like punitive measures than it does about public health and actually following the data. Prohibition against drugs and alcohol created black market environments throughout history, and now if vaccine passports gain momentum, these underground facilities will again begin to pop up everywhere. Society will be segregated into separate facilities: ones for the vaccinated and ones for the unvaccinated.

So, why should the American people trust the government (or billionaires involved) this time around knowing all of these things? It has not proved itself to be worthy of such an honor, and if there is something nefarious planned, the vaccines may be at the center of it.


The government has attempted to censor information through social media companies and by only allowing experts who were sympathetic towards the official narrative to have the floor or keep their jobs. Scientists are under pressure by financial obligations to investigate the biases of their funders, and as such, there was no real diversity in thought. The “science is settled” mentality caused pressure to comply with what large corporations, billionaires, bureaucrats, and politicians wanted. Science should never be settled, but yet, during this pandemic, that is the only concept that is allowed.

For months, people suggesting that COVID-19 originated in the lab in Wuhan were branded as conspiracy theorists and the information was censored on social media, but when President Biden ordered an investigation into these claims, the idea of a lab leak was moved from conspiracy theory to just as plausible as the natural-origin theory. Prior to that, Peter Daszak, who was the middleman in the gain-of-function research funded by Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the NIH that likely caused COVID-19, thanked Fauci for covering for him and pushing the natural-origin theory. Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook even asked Fauci how he could prevent “misinformation” on his platform and help get approved information out there. Press Secretary Jen Psaki mentioned the targeting of posts that Facebook needed to take down because they were spreading misinformation, and when these companies are told to obey under potential consequences, why would they not comply?

President Biden and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy have waged a war against misinformation and created a nationalistic narrative that was not allowed to be questioned. It seems clear that the social media companies may have been acting on behalf of the government (as public wings). If the government and social media companies have tried so hard to cover up information pertaining to vaccines (and the pandemic at large), what are they hiding? What do they not want the public to be aware of? Why is there such a mobilization to censor information and prevent certain ideas from being presented? Why can we not have civilized and intellectual conversations and voice our opinions and concerns without being called anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, unscientific hicks, etc.? Why should we not allow the scientific process of asking and testing hypotheses to occur and instead censor whatever goes against the narrative? The government has been wrong all along during the pandemic, and the CDC even said that the Delta variant was as contagious as the chickenpox, but further examination shows that this is not true. Yet, the government is exempt from the war against misinformation and is allowed to spew out any falsehoods it desires, but the average person is not.

Nationalistic Narrative

We are seeing a push towards a single, nationalistic (fascist) narrative, and many will claim that because there is precedence for forced vaccinations and vaccine passports from the early 1900’s, we should just embrace it in the present. However, there is also precedence for forcing Japanese Americans into internment camps, so does this mean that we should go back and try forced detentions of individuals who happen to be of the nationality of a country that we are at war with?

There is also the idea that because the vaccines have not cleared long-term testing and are still experimental in a sense (this is disputed because they have been put through clinical trials) that this violates the Nuremberg Code’s prohibition against forcing experimental drugs on the people. If the government is complicit in a plan to harm the populace, this would indeed violate the code, but this will be considered a stretch to many.

In an effort to curb vaccine hesitancy, states have created special lotteries, given away guns and free college tuition, and put out commercials to claim that it is one’s patriotic duty to get the jab. However, the “carrots” approach is beginning to move to the “hit them with a stick” one. Once the FDA gives full approval to the three vaccine manufacturers, state and local governments and businesses will feel more comfortable forcing the agenda on the public, and Dr. Fauci has expressed this sentiment.

Currently, liberals (Democrats) are behind the push, but conservatives (Republicans) are slowly falling in line. What is ironic is that black Americans are the lowest demographic of vaccinated individuals (far under 50%), and yet, the smear campaigns are targeted at conservatives, especially after the January 6th incident. This could mean that the nationalistic narrative is gearing up to target conservatives in a McCarthy-style witch hunt, and this is some of the fuel used to do so.

In terms of vaccine passports, denying services to many black Americans should be considered systemic racism to progressives (for the sake of consistency) since they often consider requiring identification to vote or putting limitations on mail-in ballots and other processes first implemented during the pandemic racist. Not to mention, if a Republican were advocating for vaccine passports in areas where there were high populations of minorities, you can bet that Democrats would be crying that this was systemic racism. Better yet, if President Trump were still in office, you can bet that Democrats would be the predominantly vaccine-hesitant group (Vice President Kamala Harris and Governor Cuomo even suggested this prior to the 2020 election). Yet, progressives seem to embrace their hypocrisy and continue to advocate for forced vaccinations by preaching hate towards those who choose to make a choice over their own body (“my body, my choice” has become “my body, your choice when you are afraid, but when the fear subsides, I can then have my choice back”).

The fact that so much vaccine hesitancy still exists and that people are no longer lining up to get the jab shows that fear of the virus among the population is fading. If the government and the media has to constantly scare people into seeing the virus as fatal or the vaccine as the only cure, not only is the fearmongering unethical, but it is suspicious that there is so much effort to convince people of this. Trying to scare and shame people into receiving an experimental drug is not a tactic that an honest and trustworthy government would utilize, and the media is purposely trying to cause hysteria to step in line with the narrative (fear equals more ratings).

The next step is to punish those who choose to take control over their own bodies and to divide society into two categories: vaccinated and unvaccinated (perhaps clean and unclean would work better to put this into perspective). If the unvaccinated people are caste out of society and prevented from participating in everyday activities (including getting groceries) this seems inhumane and contrary to the supposed compassionate view of progressives. However, progressives are showing their true colors as authoritarians and hypocrites (picking and choosing which classes of people are protected against discrimination and which ones should be discriminated against).

It can no longer be that people leave others alone to make their own decisions, and many want to force their will upon others. This is a minor version of fascism (nationalistic narrative enforced by authoritarian leaders in governors and a police state), and if Americans can accept these first steps towards fascism, in the future, full fascism will not be avoidable. The narrative, aided by the media, suggests that the unvaccinated are selfish, however, forcing someone to adhere to your standards because you are afraid, is actually the selfish position. People are continuously parroting the idea of selfishness on the part of the unvaccinated (is it selfish of me to drive a car knowing that this is the most dangerous thing that I do on a regular basis and could cause harm to others around me?), as well as the charge of anti-science.

When you consider that these same people march around saying, “follow the science” and “trust the experts,” without looking into the data or statistics themselves (like that showing that the virus follows the same pattern regardless of masking and lockdowns), it is pretty safe to say that these people are just following a religion (the experts are like the clergy with Fauci being the pope, missionaries are being sent out door to door to preach the gospel of the vaccines and mitigation measures, the heretics are being caste out of society, governments have lifted up their scientific representatives on earth in a theocracy, and people are not allowed to question authority or the narrative). Everyone chants the same old talking points, and few people want to critically think. It is like the government and media flipped a switch and turned the population into robots who have all been synced together to do the bidding of the state. I once thought it would be impossible for people to be naïve enough to accept the mark of the beast from Revelation (people not being able to participate in society without the mark), but with the gradualism and conditioning created from this pandemic, I now see how it could easily be implemented.


From the beginning, it was clear to me that the mitigation measures during the pandemic were about control and conditioning the population to accept authoritarianism (“two weeks to flatten the curve” was never really going to happen). When the virus is finally reduced to the point where it is just a seasonal nuisance, climate change and other declared emergencies will be used to justify going even further than perhaps most could imagine. The precedent has been set and fascism has taken root in this country. If it is watered periodically and liberties are taken away gradually over time, eventually Americans will wake up wondering why they are no longer free (if they even notice due to the incrementalism of the theft).

COVID-19 is a real virus, but it was likely created in a lab to bring about worldwide agendas (like the WEF’s Great Reset) and has been exaggerated significantly (including casualties, which occur in hardly anyone who does not have multiple comorbidities). The government has surrounded us with constant propaganda and terrified us into compliance. Someday, we will realize this and the fact that the mobilization around vaccination was unethical. Until then, some of us will just be dismissed as conspiracy theorists and selfish, unscientific hicks while being told to shut up and obey.

We need to resist the COVID fascism at every turn and protest (like they are in France, Germany, and Italy; and some vaccinated Italians are even burning their vaccine cards to stand in solidarity with the unvaccinated who are denied basic services without their passports) and become civilly disobedient. This resistance should be kept peaceful, and nobody should be shamed for choosing to take the vaccine (just like those who do not take it should not be shamed). Even if you remain in the “these vaccines are necessary” camp after reading this, you should, at the very least, be skeptical of how they are being administered. And, of course, thank you for reading.
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Published on August 18, 2021 18:51
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