Will the Wuhan Lab Investigation Spark a War with China?

I recently had the chance to travel down to Nashville, Tennessee, and I noticed that the majority of people were not wearing masks (maybe 15% were, if I had to guess). Now, keep in mind that this was on busy streets and in bars and restaurants, and even the crowded Grand Ole Opry theater seated a maskless crowd. People were just going about their pre-pandemic lives without any concern for a virus or the previous tyranny of state restrictions, but when I returned home, it was back to the masked zombie nation of people cowering behind their face diapers (if the unelected bureaucracy of the CDC quickly did a sudden 180-degree turn on its mask guidance and the virus followed a similar data pattern regardless of the measures taken, the obvious question becomes: were the masks ever really necessary?).

Also while I was away, President Biden announced that he would have the intelligence community investigate whether COVID-19 was initiated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan (after Dr. Fauci made remarks that he was not completely confident that the virus did not originate in this manner and intelligence was received that employees in the lab were sick with COVID-like symptoms prior to the virus’ circulation), and I could not help but think: why now? Could it be that the United States is looking to exonerate Dr. Fauci for knowingly funding risky gain-of-function research on the jump of coronaviruses from bats to humans in the same the city where the pandemic started (the “good doctor” lied in front of Congress when asked about the National Institutes of Health’s funding of gain-of-function research when questioned by Senator Rand Paul)? Are they setting the stage for war with China or trying to change the narrative to take blame away from the United States, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, the NIH, and other actors that may have been involved? Could the tyranny implemented by most of the world’s governments (including states within the United States) have been avoided?

It is sad to see so many people manipulated by the propaganda, and when I had suggested over a year ago that the virus did not coincidentally originate naturally in Wuhan (if research was being conducted on the same virus with the same transmitters in the same city where the virus began, it is fairly safe to say that it was not natural), I was looked at as a conspiracy theorist who was pushing misinformation, but when Biden or Fauci suddenly changed their tune on it, it somehow became perfectly acceptable. This shows exactly what I have been saying for months on end without success: people just blindly follow the narrative and only make adjustments when approved sources and government officials tell them that it is appropriate to do so. Now that this theory is in the mainstream, it will be seriously considered by the masses, and this shows just how effective the American propaganda really is (regardless of how many different networks and media companies there are).

Also, over a year ago, I had mentioned that perhaps eventually the United States government would try to blame China for the pandemic and use it as justification for going to war. Although an impending investigation into the origins of the virus (and the possibility that maybe it was not an accident) and President Biden’s opinion that China will “own America” by 2035 makes war seem more likely than ever before, this idea is just speculation on my part. I do not have inside information, nor am I a prophet, but there are indications based on patterns and hegemonic history of the world and the United States.

For much of the world’s history of empires, there have been balancing acts between dominating powers or alliances, and every power on earth has fallen at some point from internal and external forces. The American Empire dominates militarily (having bases in most of the world’s countries to surround non-compliant ones, using overt and covert operations to determine the power structure within certain nations, and performing show of force operations globally) and economically (the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency of the world, countries that do not comply are quickly hit with sanctions, and there is disproportionate ownership in global entities, like the World Bank and IMF).

There has never been an empire that has been able to control almost the entire world like the United States (thanks to technology and a powerful military capable of intimidation), but there is bound to be a superpower that eventually rises up to rival the United States and put it in check. Plus, internal issues (like economics, inability to balance a budget, excessive taxation, superficial divisions between Republicans and Democrats, critical race theory, censoring of information through Big Tech, and misleading propaganda in the mainstream media) will put strain on the capability of the United States to lead into the future. China has increased its military might over the past several years and has begun flexing muscles in its sphere of influence, and an American leader may enter the stage during a future war with China and attempt to prove President Xi’s idea that autocracies are capable of making quicker decisions that may lead to the end of the formalities of a republic in the United States (the United States is already an oligarchy anyways without real representation of the people, so it would not be a difficult transition).

Then, of course, the United States has been confrontational when it comes to Taiwan and the South China Sea (plus, China’s authoritarian approach to Hong Kong and the Uyghurs in Xinjian Province, which should be condemned by the whole world, does not help). Several exercises, thought to be mock invasions of Taiwan, and aggressive maneuvers of aircraft near the island have been the subject of complaints by the Biden administration (who has recently guaranteed Taiwan’s safety through military force from a Chinese invasion), and the United States, from the Obama administration onward, has been sending “freedom of navigation operation” patrols throughout the South China Sea as a show of force. The Philippines has conducted its own patrol operations in the sea in order to send a signal to China that the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal are not its exclusive territory (China also patrols nearby shoals that are claimed by the Philippines), and if conflict arises between the two nations, the United States would most certainly join in on the action to protect its former colony. Conflict in the South China Sea could erupt into war, but it is uncertain at this point if it will occur.

The point of this writing is not to make the assertion that war between the two superpowers is inevitable, but rather, it is important to question the timing and reasoning for the inquiry into the Wuhan laboratory leak theory and what it could mean for the United States and the world. It is a bit curious that immediately after assuming the presidency, Biden terminated President Trump’s investigation into the lab theory, but then all of a sudden, he reinitiated it. Could it be that the current president simply made a political move and did not want to pursue it due to it being associated with his predecessor? Was the Biden administration attempting to cover up activity on behalf of the Chinese government or NIH? Could it have just been something that seemed so trivial and unsupported by evidence (though it is difficult to believe that he would not have had access to intelligence reports or classified information regarding the subject, and it is now clear from the pursuance of a new investigation that there was and is indeed some kind of information that would support the theory)?

The future may not be determined, but Americans should be suspicious of the investigation and use this as a lesson to not be so easily manipulated or conditioned into authoritarianism and propaganda. Even if war with China does not occur soon (or ever), we need to come to grips with the fact that the United States will not be the sole global power forever, and antagonizing other countries and forcing enemies to rally against our imperialism is not going to serve this country well.

Thank you for reading, and please check out my book, The Global Bully, and website.
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Published on June 02, 2021 14:59
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