Pay No Attention to What Is Behind the Corona Curtain

People are constantly getting bombarded with news about how many people are dying from COVID-19 and how if they do not play along and social distance themselves, there will be millions upon millions of deaths from the disease. There is much indoctrination going on, and those who challenge the official narrative or question the necessity of some of the executive orders that have been forced upon the populace are often looked down upon. Although the virus that is ravaging the world is very serious and people are unfortunately dying from it, we need to also pay attention to some of the other things going on in the world because if we are not vigilant, we may become subject to consequences that are unfavorable.

In terms of foreign policy and despite the pandemic, tensions with Venezuela and Iran have continued, and perhaps escalated. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been indicted by the United States government for conspiring with Colombian rebels and drug trafficking, and there are rewards to the tune of millions of dollars for information leading to his capture. The Trump administration is engaging in a soft coup to elevate opposition leader Juan Guaido to the top position in the South American nation, and the administration is now moving Navy ships to the region.

In addition, the United States has refused to lift economic sanctions on Iran, which is one of the hardest hit countries in the pandemic. The two nations just finished exchanging rocket fire and airstrikes in Iraq. Will these events lead to an invasion of Venezuela or Iran? Time will tell, but the war hawks may end up being temporarily preoccupied with pushing for action against China over COVID-19 after the virus slows down.

In addition to attempting to push through new actions that will infringe on gun rights with H.R. 5717 (116th Congress) and the overreach of state governments in suspending rights such as free assembly and due process, the federal government has been looking to reauthorize unconstitutional surveillance measures and even to suspend habeas corpus during the pandemic. The lone wolf (Section 6001 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act) provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (this allows the government to target an individual who does not have connections to a foreign government or terrorist group), business collection provision (Section 215) of the Patriot Act (this allows the government to force companies to hand over records and data without a warrant, but rather just the approval from a secret FISA court), and the roving wiretap provision (Section 206) of the Patriot Act (this allows the government to target an individual if he or she changes devices) were about to sunset, but they have been reauthorized until May when they will be discussed further.

The Department of Justice has proposed suspending habeas corpus (the ability to challenge one’s detention and be brought before a judge) during emergencies like the COVID-19 crisis. The federal government is seeking to indefinitely detain people, while the state governments are forcing people under a soft house arrest. These set a bad precedent for the future, and perhaps during the next crisis, the government will force “nonessential” people into concentration camps.

More underreported news items related to COVID-19 include the 2019 Military World Games in China and a country that is taking the world by surprise with an unusual approach to the coronavirus. Back in October 2019, roughly two months before the coronavirus outbreak, several countries met together in Wuhan, China to participate in an Olympic-style event for military members. Is it a coincidence that COVID-19 originated in the same city around the same time? Although there is no evidence of conspiracy at this time, officials in China and Iran have accused the United States of introducing the virus during the games.

Sweden has decided to take a different approach to COVID-19 by refusing to implement a lockdown like in most other countries. The government has recommended that people practice social distancing and many people are voluntarily doing so, but it has not been forced upon them. While Sweden is enjoying its freedom, citizens in most countries are having their lives controlled by an authoritarian force. At this time, there is little evidence that Sweden is suffering any more from the disease than other European countries like Norway, Finland, and Austria (all of which have implemented lockdowns). This challenges the official narrative, and perhaps we will learn that the authoritarian approach was not necessary.

As many people are choosing or being forced to stay home during the pandemic, there have been reports that pollution and crime have decreased, which in of itself is not bad, but this may lead to governments extending certain restrictions by arguing that they are necessary for the environment or to ensure people are behaving properly. Many people say that the restrictions on people’s lives will be temporary, but what if they are not? Governments may ease up on certain things, but will they reintroduce them arbitrarily when they deem it necessary? Will the measures be stricter the next time? Governments often do not give up power that they are given. Experts have already stated that the coronavirus will resurface during the winter, so will we see a new round of restrictions being enforced then? In New York, Governor Cuomo’s dictator powers do not expire until April 2021, so he has the ability to suspend laws and issue executive orders for anything that he deems necessary until then.

These are tough times, and people need to be prepared for things to come. Instead of fixating on the casualties and the arguments for more restrictions, we should be watching things that are going on behind the scenes. For example, state governments are now issuing fines and arresting people for being out of their houses and having gatherings. We know that this could happen in theory, but the fact that we are allowing this in a supposedly free country is troublesome. If we do not wake up, we could be looking at the inside of a cell, or we could be faced with the prospect of a large global war. Pay attention to the underreported news items, and stay healthy!

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Published on April 02, 2020 18:34
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