Q and A session with Iseult Murphy

Return to Hades and Other AdventuresQ. Which myths/legends from your childhood do you remember as being significant?

A. Clash of the Titans was a favourite movie from my childhood, and it got me interested in Greek myths, especially the haunting tragedy of Medusa. I loved the animal headed gods of the Egyptians and their depiction of the afterlife. Hans Christian Anderson appealed to me because of his super sad tales, with The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen and The Little Match Girl standing out particularly. Patricia Lynch was an Irish author who wrote children’s books full of Irish folklore, and I loved her dreamlike blend of legend and reality.

Q. In what ways does Irish folklore influence your work?
A. The fairfolk in Irish folklore are never good, and I think that has influenced my writing a lot. The thought of beings of power that aren’t actually on our side comes up a lot in my work. There is also a lot of tragedy in Irish folklore, which appeals to me. At what price victory? If you know the legend of the Tain, where a husband and wife go to battle over which owns the better bull, you will know that all comes to nought despite many lives lost. But despite all the misery there is also humor, and I see that in my writing too.

Which sub-genres of horror do you most enjoy reading?
I absolutely love zombie fiction. I saw the Thriller video at a very young age, and it terrified me, instilling in me a life long love of zombies. I also love body horror, any kind of body snatcher themed stories, ghost stories and demonic horror.

Q. Where are you most likely to find inspiration for new stories, and which of the stories you’ve written so far have the most unusual source of inspiration?

A. A lot of my work is inspired by my dreams. I’ve very complex, vivid dreams that play out like movies, and it seems a shame not to write them down. Apart from that, I get inspiration from everywhere really. Probably the most unusual source was from a misspelled trophy at a speech and drama competition where I was helping out. The judge pointed it out to me and it became my drabble ‘The Vilage Shop’, which became my first professional sale.
Q. You win a date with your favourite fictional character of all time, dead or alive. Who is it? Where do you go? What do you do? What’s the first question you ask him/her?

A. Wow. This is such a wonderful question. My favourite fictional character is in, as yet unpublished, books written by my sister. He is a sentient diamond, king of his people, and the incredibly powerful guardian of a magical land. I would want to go into the heart of the diamond realm, deep inside a mountain where the diamonds light up like the stars in the night sky, and we would listen to them sing the songs of the cosmos, nestled comfortably on a bed of graphite. I would ask him to give me the power to change my shape into different animals.

Thank you for such great questions. It was fun answering them. Here’s an updated introduction with hyperlinks
Hi, I’m Iseult. I love writing, reading and watching horror, fantasy and science fiction. I have two collections of short stories available for purchase on Amazon.
I post book reviews and writing updates on my blog, and I love connecting with others on twitter.
I am so pleased to be collaborating with Cath for Women in Horror Month. It was great talking to her and getting to know her better, and I’m so glad I found her books. Look out for my review on my blog next month of her middle grade fantasy, The Gatekeeper’s
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message 1: by Iseult (new)

Iseult Murphy Thanks, Cath! Love your questions. Had great fun answering them.

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine McCarthy Iseult wrote: "Thanks, Cath! Love your questions. Had great fun answering them."
Same here, Iseult!

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