The Thing Classic, Volume 2

Thing Classic Vol. 2 (The Thing (1983-1986)) Thing Classic Vol. 2 (The Thing by John Byrne

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Ben Grimm is the last being on Battleworld as the heroes have departed except for him as he has the power to be Ben or the Thing. However, he founds the world inhabited and very much in need of a hero and it gets one in a comic odyssey, the writers call, "Rocky Grimm Space Rager."

These are swashbuckling Buck rogers style stories of Ben Grimm exploring this strange world along with a mysterious woman and facing a mysterious antagonist. It's fun reading, certainly moreso than the angst-ridden first volume.

This volume was being published at the same time as Secret Wars and had to avoid spoilers for that and also Grimm couldn't leave the world until the end of Secret Wars. The book also does feature a Fantastic Four crossover that's disappointing for most readers. For those reading Fantastic Four, the book gave a few updates on the FF, but took the majority of its time focusing on Ben and was a tease to get people to by the Thing book. For those readers of the Thing, it meant going out and buying another comic to get details on how a storyline ended.

Still, if you can get past such gimmics, this is a fun read.

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