Can We Talk About the Elephant in the Room with Ukraine?

When it comes to Ukraine, it seems that most people are fixated on President Trump’s potential corrupt dealings with that country, but what about the elephant in the war room? Why does the United States even lend a helping trunk to that country in the first place? Why do we send money, supplies, and training to assist the Ukrainian military in sharpening its tusks? This has become a six ton fiasco that has cost taxpayers money and worsened relations with Russia.

Since 2014, American citizens have been forced to pay roughly $1.5 billion in military aid to a non-ally, and in addition, they have had to foot the bill for $3 billion in loans between 2014 and 2016 and roughly $320 million per year in non-military aid. All of this is because the United States government claims that Russia invaded Ukraine back in 2014 and continues to threaten it, which is absurd.

The people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted in favor of secession from Ukraine and reunification with Russia. The mainstream media and government officials go on and on about territorial sovereignty violations, but how can this be the case if the so-called victims welcomed the “invaders” with open arms? Also, even if there were a covert invasion, the United States government violates territorial sovereignty all the time and does not condemn itself.

The pro-Russian sentiment in eastern Ukraine led to separatists declaring independence as the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic. A quick study of Ukraine will reveal the political and cultural divide between the pro-Russian eastern portions and the pro-European west, so despite what the media will tell you, it is really no surprise that two of Ukraine’s eastern oblasts attempted to separate from the strict unitary government when the opportunity arose.

The neo-Nazi supporting Ukrainian government has been waging war against the two self-declared countries for several years now, and American politicians enjoy the chance to spew anti-Russia propaganda and convince Americans that Russia is an enemy that needs to be combated. Although it should be obvious how this is dangerous, politicians and government officials would rather risk nuclear war and keep another cold war going than to utilize diplomacy and keep Americans safe.

Another part of this Ukraine story that most Americans would prefer to ignore is that the United States was immediately involved in the aftermath of the 2014 coup (dubbed as the Euromaidan protests to make it sound less unconstitutional) against democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych. President Obama admitted that his administration was involved in the transition of power to the unconstitutional interim government in Ukraine, plus we have the leaked phone call where Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland discussed plans for the new government. This means that in all likelihood, the United States was actively involved in the coup throughout its entirety, and there is much precedent for this sort of thing throughout modern history. The actions of the United States government in Ukraine were largely about pushing out pro-Russian elements and moving Ukraine closer to NATO and the European Union, as well as chipping away at Russia’s sphere of influence.

While we are watching to see news about the impeachment procedures, let us at least consider some of the issues surrounding our foreign policy, and specifically with Ukraine. Leaders come and go, but the policies remain in place across administrations, so fixating on one president’s unethical dealings may or may not prevent future corruption. Proponents of the Trump presidency generally dismiss these charges, while opponents claim that this is an existential threat to our republic. To the former, I will say that if the president is found to be guilty of the charges set before him, he should be held accountable and punished accordingly. To the latter, I will say that an ever-expanding government is more of a threat to our republic, and there are a plethora of issues that contribute to the United States’ degradation. Acting like this is the worse incident in American history is not helpful in identifying the root problems. Both Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and attempt to expand the power of government for their own gain, and until we realize that and focus on changing the culture in Washington, D.C., the status quo will continue to bring us on a path that we might not want to go down.

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Published on October 02, 2019 16:25
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