Is Cuban Missile Crisis II Coming to an Island Near You?

The United States’ withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) has contributed to the prospective idea that a missile arms race will develop throughout Europe and Asia. After the withdrawal and without hesitation, the Department of Defense began testing a Navy Tomahawk cruise missile in California that would have been banned under the treaty. This development could lead to American missiles being pointed at Russia, and then Russia would reciprocate, causing fear and panic among the American populace. The revival of the duck and cover drills would be worth it to American politicians, who only care about intimidating Eurasian rivals in order to make their military-corporate cronies happy. Government officials and the media will then successfully push the blame onto Russia for starting a new missile crisis.

Many Americans still erroneously believe that the Soviet Union started the Cuban Missile Crisis by randomly and aggressively placing missiles on the Caribbean island, however, like most things, the truth is actually a bit more complicated. In fact, the missiles in Cuba were a response to missiles that the United States had aimed at the Soviet Union from Turkey . The Soviets were concerned that the United States might again attempt to invade Cuba like it had in 1961 (Bay of Pigs), and therefore, the missiles also acted as a deterrent. Yet, these embarrassing facts were withheld, and the removal of American missiles from Turkey as part of the resolution to the crisis was kept secret from the American public. Additionally, the United States had to agree not to invade Cuba in order to get the Soviet missiles removed. The federally-funded education system in the United States and the mainstream media have done little to quell the myths surrounding this event and others, and I fear that Americans will be misled about any new missile crisis that arises.

Russia has already started to respond to the United States government’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty and cruise missile testing by test-firing nuclear-capable missiles from submarines and air-to-air missiles from jets out of Crimea, conducting nuclear missile drills in Kaliningrad, and announcing that it will put missiles around the Black Sea. These types of actions will all be viewed by the media and politicians as an escalation on the part of Russia without taking into consideration the actions of the United States. Ultimately, the goal is to convince Americans, many of whom naively trust the government and media, that Russia is a threat that requires large sums of money into the military-industrial complex. More missile tests, placements, and drills mean increased responses from Russia, and in turn, a bloated military budget and profit for defense contractors (at the expense of American taxpayers) can be justified and advanced unhindered.

As Americans, we should seriously consider whether we want to start (or continue, depending on one’s view) another cold war. Despite what the media and politicians attempt to pound into everyone's head, living in fear of a possible Russian attack is not in the best interest of the American people. Diplomacy and treaties can work, but they must be tried with full commitment. Instead of trashing a deal that was likely violated by both sides, why not attempt to make it better in order to reduce tensions? The key reason is China. With the INF Treaty out of the way, the United States government will be able to counter growing Chinese influence throughout Asia in a more successful manner, which may lead to a missile crisis or arms race with that country. None of this will fare well for the people, but American politicians and officials will be delighted.

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Published on September 04, 2019 03:41
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