Changing Books

Which books stay with you as firm favourites throughout and which only last for a specific period in your life?

I wouldn't give you a thank you for the old Peter and Jane books again (!) but would probably still enjoy the Famous Five.

The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, along with the classic fairytales, will always be favourites.

But the joy of reading is discovering new genres and authors. It has only been comparatively recently I've discovered the joys of non-fiction reading. It wasn't as if I was particularly against it, I just hadn't tried any.

Now it's a regular part of my reading routine. (I like the Ben Macintyre books especially. Loved Agent Zigzag in particular). The best non-fiction uses great fictional storytelling techniques and should keep you as gripped as an epic novel.

Which books from your reading past would you change now? Which would you change them for?
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Published on June 29, 2019 13:17 Tags: changing-what-you-read, non-fiction, reading
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