Why Writing Book Reviews Shouldn’t Be Intimidating.

Have you ever read an amazing book and couldn’t wait to tell all your friends so they would read it as well? Or, have you ever been recommended a book by a friend and rushed out to get it because it sounded so interesting?

I’m assuming by the fact that you’re on Goodreads that at least one of these is true. But what happens if neither you nor your friends have heard of a book? That’s where book reviews come in handy. Both Amazon and Bookbub are notorious for recommending books they think you might like. But do you take the chance?

It’s quite possible that the latest book you fell in love with and recommended to your friends is not known to others. By leaving a review, you are letting strangers know why they should read that book. If the thought of writing a review intimidates you, let me ease your mind. Reviews don’t have to be multiple paragraphs that analyze every theme of the book, they can be short and simple. Just one sentence can be enough to explain why you loved the book. Perhaps it was a great mystery and had you guessing until the end. Or perhaps the characters were so quirky and unique that you fell in love with them. Just boil down what you loved most about the book, put it into one sentence, and BAM! Book review done.

A simple sentence letting people know why they should read the book is enough and can help encourage others to take a chance on that book. Of course, if there are so many things you loved that you can’t put them all into just one sentence, then of course, feel free to write a longer review. My point is that writing reviews for books you love is easy AND a great way to let people know they should take the risk and get the book.
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Published on May 13, 2019 14:57
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