Book Review: Super Sons, Volume 3: Parent Trap

Super Sons, Volume 3: Parent TrapSuper Sons, Volume 3: Parent Trap by Peter J. Tomasi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects the final four issues of Super Sons and Annual #1 for a total of three stories:

Animal Planet (Annual #1): The Super Pets team up to investigate a series of pet thefts. Overall, a cute and fun Annual.

The Parent Trap (13 and 14): Damian's mother shows up and like any good mom wants her son to help her kill someone. Damian refuses but realizes he'll have to stop her when he learns who the target is. This story gives some insight into Damian's past and how Jon doesn't fully understand it, but we also get some subtle notes which underscore why they are friends.

End of Innocence (15 and 16); Amazo trashes the Super Sons' headquarters, but that's only a preliminary to Amazo's ultimate goal: taking over the Justice League. A nice story that gives the Super Sons a chance to rise to the occassion and also provides a nice closing story for the series.

Overall, this was a very fun close to one of my favorite DC Rebirth books.

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Published on May 01, 2019 22:37 Tags: dc-rebirth, robin, super-sons, superboy
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