Catching a live HD cinema broadcast of Wagner's Die Walkure at the weekend helped to revive my interest in Old Norse matters and related projects - mainly my Anglo-Saxon inspired epic fantasy poem. Nearly 40 pages of blank verse in, and the story is really starting to shape up - as are the growing body of illustrations (so far just sketches) which will accompany the finished thing - here's a couple of this week's samples to date:

Sveyn, a leader of heroes Sigfritha, a harvester of (dead) heroes...The inspiration...
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Published on April 04, 2019 10:08
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Chaz and the Wulf...

C. Wood
Fenriswulf Books was founded by writer and illustrator Chaz Wood in the summer of 2008, initially as a means of getting his first prose novel, ‘Maranatha’ (book 1 in the Trinity Chronicles series), re ...more
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