Differently Morphous now available in silence

At long last, my latest novel, Differently Morphous, the super hilarious contemporary political supernatural mystery satire type thing, will be available in non-audiobook print and ebook style as of April 16th this year. Which I had better state is 2019, 'cos I probably won't update this blog for another decade or so. Check your preferred book retailers or click the fancy cover art below:

Click here
But if you'd prefer the audiobook version, and hadn't realised it's been available for ages and are sitting there scratching your little coconut head in confusion, here's a link to the Audible page as well.
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Published on March 31, 2019 12:56
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Tejeshwar Wish you'd released it with the audiobook mate. I already heard the book. Guess I can read it too now. Keep up the good work! Fyi you're one of my favorite authors. Read all of your books and watched majority of your ZP videos!

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