The United States and Blind Acceptance of the Actions of Israel

As Hamas and the Israeli military continue to exchange rockets near the Gaza Strip, President Trump made an unexpected action that may end up causing detriment to the United States. The proclamation that he signed on his own authority is dangerous because it may cause tensions between the Syrians and Jews living in a disputed piece of land, and therefore, it could also lead to more animosity towards the United States in the Arab world. This action, along with moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, does not help our national security.

Terrorist groups in the Middle East generally do not take these types of actions lightly, and supporting the Israeli government unconditionally is often seen as an affront to their countries and religion. President Trump insists on antagonizing the Arab world at the expense of the American people. Why not make Americans more susceptible to terrorist attacks in order to appease Israel?

Ironically, the United States government condemned Russia for annexing Crimea, and yet, the Crimean people overwhelmingly voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. I guess because Israel is involved, the territorial integrity argument goes out the window.

Israel currently occupies about two-thirds of the Golan Heights, a region roughly the size of my county of residence in upstate New York (Rensselaer), and this land was stolen from Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel argues that it is necessary to have the Golan Heights as a buffer between itself and Iran, Hezbollah, and other groups that may decide to attack it. However, would it then be acceptable for the United States to invade parts of Mexico to act as a buffer against drug cartels and illegal immigrants? Or, better yet, would it be tolerable for Canada to cross into the United States to occupy certain neighborhoods and force the residents to adhere to its laws?

Why then, is it acceptable if Israel does this to its neighbors? Is it because we as Americans blindly believe what our government tells us? Is it because we are afraid that God will judge us if we oppose the actions of a secular, Zionist nation? Why is it not even considered satisfactory to have a conversation about the practicality and prudence of our unwavering alliance with Israel? Could it be the massive amounts of lobbying in the United States by Israeli groups? Are American politicians and the mainstream media bought and paid for?

Regardless, many of the actions taken by the Israeli government, whether it is building settlements in the West Bank or the superfluous force utilized in retaliation to rockets launched from the Gaza Strip (Hamas is also in the wrong), should be condemned by everyone. Most Americans would not want a foreign power seizing and occupying their land, putting them under martial law, or demolishing their homes in order to build more suitable settlements, but yet, somehow we believe that this type of behavior is morally justifiable when Israel does it. Our history books condemn the United States’ seizure of Native American lands, but we celebrate when Israel does it to the Palestinians. Our government even rewards Israel with billions of dollars in foreign aid. Does this make sense?

Recognition of the Golan Heights as part of Israeli territory does not benefit Americans, nor is it a step in the right direction when attempting to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians and other nations in the region. Americans should understand the implications of this on the world stage, and how accepting Israeli occupation of stolen land ends up putting us in more jeopardy because it causes animosity and tension with other nations and groups of people.

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Published on March 27, 2019 03:13
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