The Military Option Is on the Table in Venezuela

If anyone was doubting whether or not a United States military invasion of Venezuela was a serious option, we now have confirmation that this may come to pass. The Trump administration is considering all of its options as eleven out of fourteen countries in the Lima Group have decided that the self-declared president, Guaido, should be allowed to take over power from President Maduro, who has suggested that this may lead to a civil war. A war with Venezuela, a country that is a little larger than Texas in both area and population, would not be the quick and easy victory that the arrogant politicians in Washington, D.C. think it would be. If the sanctions transition into a hot war, it would be long and catastrophic.

The United States government has been imposing economic sanctions against Venezuela for the last couple of years in order to make the already-struggling people even worse off. When we attempt to harm an “evil” regime through this manner, the people are the ones who really suffer. This tactic is useful in a couple of ways. First, it causes a response from the population. Essentially, the United States is attempting to make life miserable for the people so that they rebel.

Second, it is a way to get involved in another country without committing the military. A military option is costly in both lives and finances, and therefore, it is often less popular. Politicians like an option where they can commit acts of war and terrorism against another country and sell it to the American public in a positive light. Look at us. We are punishing this dictator, and we do not even have to send our troops. Yet, sanctions often act as a precursor for full-scale war. Just look at Iraq and how many people our sanctions killed there before we invaded.

Once sanctions have been implemented, the American people often become more open to the possibility of war due to the propaganda against the target country. If Maduro does not step aside soon, the military option is very likely, and the Trump administration will continue its rhetoric against the oil-rich country. The Venezuelan leader has suggested agreeing to have early elections to prove that he is not a dictator, and although he is not interested in ultimatums, he seems willing to peacefully work out an arrangement with the opposition. The United States and the EU are fueling the fire of rebellion across the jungle, and they will probably not allow for a peaceful solution where Maduro stays in power. Interestingly, Maduro had said to the European Union that countries do not go there to demand that Spain recognize Catalonia as an independent nation . Yet, that is exactly what is happening in Venezuela with these demands for Maduro’s expulsion and the recognition of the un-elected opposition leader, Guaido.

Ultimately, in order for there to be a war in Venezuela, President Trump would have to sell it to the American populace. This could be done through a false flag operation, such as the CIA attacking Americans and blaming it on Maduro, fabricating evidence against Maduro to make it look like he has murdered massive amounts of his own people, or through manipulation, such as putting the Venezuelan military in a position where they attack Americans in the country or an American ship that should never have been there in the first place. These are the tactics often used in order to draw a country into war when the population is not really all that interested in going. What will it be that draws the American military into the next Iraq in South America? I guess we will have to wait to find out, but one thing is for sure, if we go into Venezuela militarily, there will be a 9-11, Gulf of Tonkin, or Pearl Harbor event to bring us there.

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Published on February 07, 2019 02:27
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