Book review: Dark Flash 3, by Maria Haskins

Dark Flash 3 Dark Flash 3 by Maria Haskins

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I usually try to catch Maria Haskins' flash fiction when it's posted online or on the R.B. Wood podcast because I know it's always enjoyable. I did manage to catch quite a few of the stories from Dark Flash 1 & 2 when they were posted, but this year I somehow missed them all, so I was very happy to find that the 9 recent flash fiction stories she'd written for the podcast were available in this collection. I was eager to read it and it didn't disappoint. If you've ever read any of this author's fiction you'll know how brilliant it is. This collection of stories is quick to read, and the word that springs to mind for most of the stories is 'strange'. Strange in a thought-provoking, evocative, and intriguing sense.

There are shapeshifting wolves, dragons, and other strange other-worldly delights. Maria Haskins' talent is to take the ordinary and distort it to create something extraordinary. Stories that will definitely make you think. I enjoyed all the stories, but I think my favourite is "Sunlit Surface, Depths Below". That one is poignant and masterly in the way it uses imagery to express feelings and emotions.

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Published on December 18, 2018 12:38 Tags: fantasy, flash-fiction, maria-haskins, science-fiction, short-stories, speculative-fiction, strange
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