The Flash, Vol. 6: Cold Day in HellThe Flash, Vol. 6: Cold Day in Hell by Joshua Williamson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects Issues 34-38 of the Flash and Annual #1.

Issues 34 and 35 is the Black Hole rising story that has Meena returning to Barry and Young Wally West and offering to take the negative speed force away, but of course, it's more complicated than that for Barry. This story is good, and it also helps Barry bond with young Wally. However, the big reveal was spoiled all the way back in Volume 3.

Issues 36-38 features the murder of a rogue in Iron Heights with the Flash trying to solve the crime with little cooperation from the Warden. Barry has been sent out to the prison to work as their permanent crime scene preservation guy. This is a good story with quite a few surprises and does a good job playing up the darker view of the rogues that Williamson's got going.

The Annual focuses on the old Wally West flash who is set off by the news that Iris had to kill Reverse Flash in Volume 4. It adds to his frustration about people he loves not remembering him and him not being able to get through to him. He finds someone who he can get to remember. Unfortunately, she also remmebers she's a supervillain. This is a good story with a nice character exploration of Wally West.

Overall, I like this Volume. It's not great, but it's probably Williamson strongest release since Volume 1. The stories are fun and the art is passable. Overall, a good book that brings the Flash to a better place.

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