In the Rot and the Rust

So, I meant to drop in at the beginning of May, to celebrate my second short story, "Grief Sequence," being published, but then spring busted out and swept me up, and I stepped away from the interwebs a bit to enjoy it.

But life carries on, and now the weather's cooled and the sun's down and I'm only astounded by the neighborhood flora intermittently, so I thought I'd hop online to say hello and do what I meant to do, before May turns to June.

About that story: In March 2016, I woke up in a hotel room in Oregon with a first line in my head. "First the baby died, then the dog died." It could have been the beginning of the worst country song ever, or it could have been my subconscious trying to make sense of a deep mourning that I had felt for months but couldn't explain to anyone else, no matter how I approached it. That sentence snuck up on me at dawn, and I curled up in a chair, looked out over the Columbia River, and wrote a draft of the story mostly in one go, with that line repeating as a refrain. It felt like the first time I was attentive to form in a story the way I am in a poem, and although the story isn't quite personal experience, it allowed me to speak to an emotion I couldn't name in any other way. Now it's out in the world. Thank you, Valparaiso Fiction Review, for giving it a home.
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Published on May 30, 2018 20:30 Tags: fiction, grief, short-story, valpo
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