Short Story: One Night with a Vampire!

Dean walked into the bar and knew right away who he wanted to go home with. Not only was Dean good-looking enough to be sure of that, he was a pretty charismatic person that women were naturally drawn to.

She was a beautiful blonde sitting at the bar, wearing little more than lingerie, but still alone. Normally, this would have seemed odd to Dean, but it wasn’t long before he saw a man sit next to her, and almost immediately walk away, obviously disappointed.

Dean walked to the bar at the other end and ordered a drink. Before he made a move, he wanted to make eye contact and gauge her interest. He knew that just because she wasn’t interested in the other men, she wouldn’t be interested in him.
Sure enough, not long after he got his drink from the bartender, their eyes met, and he knew right there and then, she wanted him.

He raised his glass to her, and she returned the gesture.

“Hi,” he said once he had walked over to her and sat down.

He had found that the easiest way to get a girl talking was to just say, ‘hi’.

“Hi,” she replied.

“I’m Dean,” he said.

“Clarissa,” she replied with a smile.

“That is an amazing name,” he said, returning her smile with one of his own.

Several drinks in and a few conversational topics later, he felt comfortable enough to make his move and ask her if she’d like to get out of there.

With a smile, she replied, “God, yes.”

“Do you mind if we go back to my place?” Clarissa asked. “I’d feel more relaxed in a place I’m familiar with.”

She gave him a playful smile, hinting what she meant.

“Works for me,” was all he could reply. It was rare that someone was able to make Dean blush, but he did.

She sat in the passenger side of Dean’s car, and led him to her place.

Dean was in awe of how nice her place was. It was a secluded modern looking one-story house. By the way she was dressed, he could tell that she had money, and her place confirmed it.

Not that it mattered to Dean. He was well off himself, but it was arousing to be with a woman who could live in that beautiful house.

“Is your husband home?” he asked, half joking.

“Would it matter?” she asked, seductively looking into his eyes.
“No,” he replied honestly.

“Well, I’m not,” she said. “So we don’t have to worry about any surprises.”

She gave him a quick tour of the place, which after seeing the pool in the back and the antiques scattered around the house, Dean, for the first time, felt a little out of his league.

While they were upstairs, she should him the bedroom, and he started to get comfortable, assuming this is where the tour ended, but she stopped him.

“I have a preferred playroom,” she said.

“Okay,” Dean said, not sure what that meant.

He felt like he was venturing into uncharted territory.

She walked them down to the first floor, where she poured them both a glass of wine.

They swallowed it quickly, and then she led him down the basement stairs.

Once they reached the bottom, Dean almost ran back up the stairs. He was a secure guy, who enjoyed porn as much as the next guy, but the sex dungeon he just walked into almost set him into a panic.

He knew that it was one thing to watch, but another thing entirely to perform. He was confident he had always left the women he had been with satisfied, but he felt like he was well out of the realm of what he could handle seeing what was hung on the first wall alone.

Scanning the walls, he saw the usual whips, handcuffs, and sex swings, but past those obvious choices, he saw some devices that looked like they could only be ordered off the Dark Web. There was a lot that he was sure even an adult store wouldn’t sell, or even order from their corporate warehouse.

“Um,” was all he could muster.

Clarissa stood back and enjoyed his discomfort.

“Um, indeed,” she said smiling at him with devilish eyes.

Choking back his discomfort a little, he said, “So, what did you have in mind?”

She slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground.

It was at that moment that Dean no longer cared what she was into. He was ready to go along with whatever she had in mind.

His smile wasn’t the only thing that grew, and he walked over to her and planted the most passionate kiss he could muster.

She took off his jacket and pulled his shirt up over his head.

“Lie down,” she told him, and he obeyed.

They made love several times, and in the end, it was Dean who called it quits.

“No mas, no mas,” Dean said, jokingly.

She rolled off of him and asked if he would like a drink.

“Yes, please,” Dean replied.

She gave him one last kiss, and walked up the stairs naked.

Dean didn’t believe in love at first sight, but Clarissa was the most amazing woman he had ever met and didn’t plan on letting her slip away.

As he watched her walk back down the stairs, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Here you go,” she said.

Dean caught a glimpse of the weird way she was watching him drink the water, and it made him slightly nervous. She was staring at his throat and seemed to be enjoying watching him swallow.

When he had finished his drink, she took it from him and placed the glass on the a nearby dresser.

“I really enjoyed tonight, Dean,” she said, still facing away from him. “I want you to know that.”

He could only stare back and reply, “Me too.”

With that, Dean started to feel a little woozy, and he felt a strong urge to fall asleep. As he stared at Clarissa, she became blurry.

She turned around, and though blurry, he could tell something had changed in her appearance. He couldn’t tell what it was, but he suddenly knew he was in danger.

Rather than weakly struggle with her, he rolled off the other side of the bed, and slowly crawled towards the stairs.

Clarissa didn’t seem overly concerned and just slowly walked to where he was crawling and attempted to pin him down.

Dean was feeling weak. He tried to swat away her hands to keep her off of him, but it felt feeble.

Instead of putting all his energy into a useless series of weak swats, he rolled onto his right side, and then with all of his might, he rolled back to his left and swung the strongest blow he could muster.

It caught her on the chin, and she fell off of him dazed.

He knew he was too weak to hold her down, so he continued his crawl to and up the stairs. He had made it all the way to the top before she was able to regain her composer and continue her pursuit.

When he attempted to turn the door knob, he realized why she wasn’t in a hurry to stop him. The door was locked, and he was too weak to push it open.

Clarissa wore a blurry smile as she stood over him.

“I don’t know why you’re struggling so much,” she said. “You’re going to pass out soon, and I’m afraid I’ll be the last thing you see before you die.”

As she moved in towards his neck, he pushed her back as hard as he could, but saved most of his strength to be able to kick her right after the push.

She went tumbling down the stairs and landed hard at the bottom.

Seeing Clarissa knocked unconscious, Dean knew he had given all he could, and passed out.

When he came to, he saw that he was lying in the same place. He struggled to regain his focus, he attempted to open the door, but it was locked, and probably bolted. He was unable to open it. He shook off the fogginess, walked down the stairs, and carefully stepped over Clarissa’s dormant body.

He took a moment to look her over. Whatever change he thought he had seen in her appearance seemed to have disappeared. She looked just as beautiful as she did when he had first seen her.

A pang of guilt filled him, but he knew that despite her appearance, she had still tried to attack him, so he knew he was ultimately justified.

He quickly got dressed and began searching for something he could use to pry the door open.

He found a metal bar mounted on the wall along with the other sex toys.

‘What the hell could this possibly be used for,’ he thought with slight horror.

As he pulled the bar off from where it was mounted, Clarissa began to moan behind him.

He whirled around and saw that she was slowly regaining consciousness.

With a quickened pace, he attempted to step over her once again, but she grabbed his ankle, which he easily shook off.
He limped up the stairs and made quick work opening the door, pushing his way into the first floor.

Feeling free for the moment, he made his way to the front door and attempted to open it, but it was locked and much sturdier that the basement door.

He turned to find a chair to bust out a window, but found Clarissa standing in front of him, still naked, instead.

Before he could use the bar on her, she struck him in the throat, causing him to drop it, and then quickly kicked it away.

Still gasping for air, she grabbed his throat, squeezing tightly. His eyes widened both from her strength, and seeing her face contort into a face of a monster.

Her face sunk in, her eyes changed to a gold color, and fangs sprouted from her mouth.

Whatever fogginess he still had, cleared up immediately, and he reached out, grabbing her by the shoulders, and kneed her in the stomach.

She loosened her grip enough for him to break free.

Even though she was a monster, he still couldn’t help but see her as a woman, so he could only bring himself to push her down, rather than strike her again, and run past her.

He went into the kitchen to find a new, better weapon.

As he was pulled a knife from a block on the counter, he felt Clarissa jump on his back.

He turned abruptly, throwing her off, and held out the knife between the two of them.

He wasn’t sure if the knife would kill her, but she did hesitate as he held it in front of him.

“Get out of my way!” he yelled at her. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.”

She only smiled and said, “This could have been painless. Lay down your knife, and I’ll make you one of us.”

‘Us,’ he thought, looking around.

“I’m leaving now,” he stated. “Just stay out of my way, and I won’t hurt you.”

Be began moving towards the dining room to again try and grab a chair. Clarissa mimicked his movement, but kept her distance.

As soon as he reached for a chair, she lunged.

He shoved the knife into her stomach, but using her forward momentum, she knocked him down onto his back, where he quickly began crawling backwards away from her.

She pulled the knife out and dropped it to the ground.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to beat her to death, so knowing he wouldn’t be able to escape while she was still standing, he quickly ran back down to the basement.

There were plenty of options for weapons there.

At first glance, he had only seen the sex toys, and though he was prepared to beat her to death with a dildo if necessary, taking a closer look, he also now noticed her torture toys.

As he scanned the wall, he could hear her slowly walking down the stairs.

He chanced a quick look and saw that she was covered in blood from the wound, but still wearing a smile.

Turning back to the wall, he saw it.

He pulled off a midsize battle axe and turned to face her.

“Last warning,” he said. “Let me go, and I won’t hurt you any more.”

She only smiled and kept walking toward him.

He swung wildly at her, which she easily dodged, but instead of stopping his motion to swing the opposite direction, he continued the motion, knocking her backward with his shoulder.

She reeled backwards and slammed hard against the wall.

Before she could regain her bearings, he rushed, twirled in a circle, swung with all his might, decapitating her, driving the axe through her neck and into the wall.

Hoping no more of her kind would show up, he quickly ran upstairs, grabbed a chair, and smashed open a window.

He jumped into his car and drove away, throwing dust up in the air as he went.

Over the next couple of weeks, he heard nothing on the news mentioning the discovery of her body, and when he had called the police to tell them what happened, they returned his call stating that they had gone to the house and the owner was there. They said everything seemed fine, and there was no missing report for a Clarissa anywhere in their database.

He never again went to that bar where he had met Clarissa, but he did venture to another bar, where he soon became a regular.

After one night of heavy drinking, he walked out into the ally to relieve himself. As he turned to walk back inside, he was confronted by a row of six woman.

He donned on his charming smile and said, “Hey, ladies.”

The woman in the center stepped forward with a sly smile.

“Hi,” she replied. “We’re Clarissa’s sisters.”

They were on him before he could scream for help.

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Published on May 21, 2018 15:21
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