Animated Book Covers

Although animated book covers are not new, my jump onto the bandwagon is late. Well, recently, I've joined a long list of authors who've taken the plunge into this visual feast for readers. Facebook is great for learning and seeing what other authors are about, as well as connecting with amazing talents.

One of those amazing talents is Mandi Murphy of Wren Taylor Designs. She posted a great animation she'd created for Tina Glasneck's A Dragon's Destiny. After seeing a few more of her FB postings, I was sold.

What makes this artistic talent a wonder to work with, besides her quality products, is her kind and open nature. I not only want to share the animations Mandi created for my newest novel, Stones of Dracontias: The Bloodstone Dragon, but to highlight a creative perfectionist.

You can see the animations here:
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