Is Netanyahu Taking Us Down the War Path?

As the world celebrates the likelihood of a future peace deal on the Korean Peninsula, another conflict is stirring in the Middle East, and I am not talking about President Trump’s pointless bombing campaign against the Assad regime, for the still unproven gas attacks, that was a compromised gesture to appease the war hawks without starting a major conflict with Russia. It appears that now there is a pivot towards Iran. Warmongering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a presentation he made in English to persuade the United States that Iran is not in compliance with the nuclear deal . Is Israel lobbying the United States for yet another war? At the very least, it seems as if Israel is attempting to gain the support of the United States in weakening Iranian influence in Syria and other countries in the region.

Will the Trump administration fall for the Israeli propaganda? It seems that this would be likely, being that the president has not been thrilled with the deal from the beginning. If the United States pulls out of the deal (this could be announced on May 12) and it falls apart, Iran would have an excuse to restart its nuclear program, and conflict, whether verbal or physical, would ensue. This may be in the best interest of the military-industrial complex, but this would not benefit Americans. Netanyahu’s presentation did not reveal anything that would suggest Iranian cheating on the deal, and even France, Britain, and Germany were not swayed by what the prime minister presented. The only thing his presentation revealed was that Iran had a nuclear program that it abandoned and that the documents that Israel procured during a January raid by the Mossad were not stored securely (suggesting that securing these documents was not a top priority by the Iranians).

Netanyahu’s push for a war with Iran may be disturbing, but Israel is actively attacking Iranian targets in Syria, which could eventually be used as justification for Iran to strike back. Israel has been on the offensive against Iranian interests and targets for years, but there have been two key attacks this past month, the first of which Iran vowed retaliation against Israel. One was against Tiyas Military Base, where Iranian drones and personnel were lodged, and the other against an arms depot in Hama, which killed roughly twenty-four Iranians. This dangerous scenario has the possibility of dragging the United States into conflict with Iran due to our alliance with Israel. A selfish act by Netanyahu could force American taxpayers to have to bail him out with money and American lives, all because the Israeli government is not willing to negotiate with its enemy. Entangling alliances were one of the causes of World War I, and one assassination was the trigger that brought the world to war (remember, Russia is also in Syria and is an ally to Iran and the Syrian government). Are we doomed to repeat history?

The media and the United States government do a good job at convincing the public that Israel is a key ally and friend that should never be questioned for its merits and that it is innocently minding its own business and is constantly threatened from its neighbors, but are these false claims finally being challenged? Israel is the only nuclear state in the Middle East, and it arguably has the most powerful military in the region. It also has a very appalling human rights record. For example, the Palestinians are currently holding peaceful protests in the Gaza Strip regarding a return to their homes that the Israeli government stole from them years ago (this seizure of Palestinian homes and replacement with Israeli settlements is a common practice), and thus far, roughly fifty Palestinians have been killed and about 5,500 have been injured. Well, the Palestinians must have deserved it, right? How many Israelis have they killed during the protests? There have been zero reports of Israeli casualties so far. Yet, Israel is our unconditional ally, so no condemnation is necessary. When the Syrian government was claimed to have killed roughly the same number of people in an alleged gas attack, the response from Washington, D.C. was airstrikes without conclusive proof of culpability. The hypocrisy is astounding.

As Israel beats the war drums with Iran and commits atrocities against the Palestinians, let us think about what a war with Iran would look like. It would not certainly be as easy as a war with Iraq or Afghanistan, and look at how long we were in those countries. In the upcoming weeks as the Trump administration decides whether or not to continue American participation in the nuclear deal with Iran, let us hope that we do not follow the advice of Netanyahu.

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Published on May 03, 2018 03:44
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