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How the 4-Drive Theory Motivates Writers



We all have needs. Some are easier to meet than others. Some needs are easier to communicate than others.

Communicating our needs is essential to obtaining the assistance we need in order to reach our true potential. The 4-Drive Theory is typically used by management in businesses, but we can also use this theory to motivate us in our writing careers.

Acquire- We all have that need to achieve and accomplish, so we attend conferences to acquire the information needed to become better writers. This will help us compete and achieve.

Bond- Writers tend to be loners, so the need to bond with other writers may not be communicated successfully. It is hard to ask for help, sometimes. But in order to bond with other writers, attending conferences helps, participating in a critique group helps, and even being a critique partner helps. Building a culture of caring and support is what every person needs.

Comprehend- Learning opportunities are out there. The need to learn new things is vital to our personal growth. By meeting this need, writers stay motivated to write. Challenging ourselves will also cause us to stay motivated. Writing in a new genre is definitely challenging, but this causes us to grow in our profession. Trying something new will keep our creative juices flowing.

Defend- In business, this would be where the employee defends his/her work in an evaluation. In writing, we have to defend our work all the time: To editors, agents, publishers, critique groups, etc. But the act of defending our work makes us better writers. If we can't defend our stories to our editors and critique partners, then how can we defend them to total strangers like agents or publishers? Explaining a story is different than telling a story. But we obtain confidence when we defend our stories. This confidence will motivate us to write more, enter stories into contests, and feel accomplished.


Stay Motivated

We all need motivation from outside and from within. Extrinsic motivation has been known to be temporary. "Atta boy" statements and pay raises last for a while, but the intrinsic motivation tends to be more permanent.

Knowing how to motivate ourselves and stay motivated when times get tough is what we all want to achieve.

We've all been there: Receiving a rejection from an agent or contest judge hurts. Being able to work past that hurt is what keeps us in the race.


The 4-Drive Theory can apply to our writing journey as well as in business. We can use this theory to learn how to work through the setbacks and achieve our goals.

In other words...keep writing! Never give up!



R. A. Douthitt is an award-winning author of middle grade books. She is currently working on her women's inspirational novel, Leaving Eden, to be release later this year. To learn more about her books, visit her website:
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