Should I Write About Gun Control

Should I write about gun control, that emotionally-charged issue that remains as a top talking point for the media and politicians alike? Or, should I write about an issue where people take a more logical approach? Is the debate a hot topic because of the most recent mass shooting and people need somewhere to direct the blame? Are many people taking it out on guns because they do not know how else to handle the pain associated with an immense catastrophe?

Should I write about gun control and the possibility of assessing the public for psychiatric-related problems before permitting the purchase of a firearm? Or, should I write about how many of the mass shooters in recent years were on psychiatric drugs and how very few people want to discuss this because it does not fit in with the agenda of gun control? Should we have a discussion about society as a whole and the role of parents in the lives of these young people, or will we take a “my way or the highway” approach because many believe that gun control is the only thing that will prevent these horrific events? What if physicians make mistakes or have sinister intentions when diagnosing mental illnesses and prevent healthy individuals from fulfilling their right to obtain a product that can be used for self-defense?

Should I write about gun control and the increase of federal background checks? Or, should I write about increasing background checks for immigrants coming into the United States and how it is too difficult for peaceful and hard-working immigrants to enter the country? What if government agents attempt to bar people who are politically opposed to a broad range of government actions from obtaining a firearm? Should I bring up that hundreds of thousands of people have been erroneously placed on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists over the years and how federal background checks or other types of watch lists for guns will not be any different?

Should I write about gun control and how guns have been used for many deaths annually? Or, should I write about how American aircraft and drones slaughter thousands of innocent people in the Middle East every year and we do not bat an eye? Should I mention how when a few Americans are killed by terrorists or mass shooters, we lose our minds and urge Congress to act quickly to prevent the next disaster? Is it acceptable to bring up that knives and vehicles have also been used in mass killings, or do we just have to target guns because that is the politically correct agenda? Should we by the same logic have a federal background check every time someone wants to buy a car or a baseball bat? Is it not deranged individuals who are bent on the destruction of people’s lives who pull the trigger? Do we only apply the perspective that the products that we buy and have the right to own, if handled correctly, are not the problem to everything except guns?

Should I write about gun control and the effectiveness of such laws? Or, should I write about how the government spies on us and how most people care more about gun regulations than they do about preventing the government from regulating their daily lives? Is it fair to bring up that gun control laws in states and cities that have strict policies on guns do not prevent people from carrying out acts of terror against the public? Is it also fair to say that prohibition against alcohol and drugs has not prevented people from partaking in such substances? Do these items not usually end up in the black market where crime becomes more prevalent? Why would gun laws against assault rifles or semi-automatic weapons be any different? Would it be safe to say that if someone wants to hurt others, he or she will find a way to do so?

Should I write about gun control and the meaning of the Second Amendment? Or, should I write about how the government already violates almost every right we as Americans have in the Bill of Rights on a regular basis? Should I bring up that any federal infringement on the ability to own guns is a violation of the Bill of Rights as explicitly stated in the Second Amendment and other writings of the founding fathers that people often like to ignore for convenience? Is it acceptable to discuss how the militia mentioned in the amendment was referring to a body of the people that retained the right to keep their firearms with them and how people often erroneously argue that the National Guard and the militia are equivalent? Is it fair to make it more difficult for people who have no intentions of committing a crime to obtain the weapon of their choice in defending themselves from international or domestic threats, or even the threat of a government invasion of their homes? What if someone lives in a rural area where the police cannot respond quickly? Do we really have to punish responsible people, which is a large majority of gun owners or prospective owners, because of the actions of a few?

Should I write about gun control, or is it too controversial? Can mature adults have a conversation about it without exchanging emotionally-charged insults? Should people stop rushing to action when a tragedy occurs and think critically about the solutions? Did we not rush to war instantly in Afghanistan before we even knew all of the facts? Did the Taliban not offer up Osama bin Laden in exchange for proof of his guilt and a promise for extradition to a neutral third-party nation for trial? Did we not rush into war in Iraq when there was no proof of chemical weapons? Do some people not rush into enacting increased border security measures and obstacles for immigrants to come into the United States when they hear stories about how an illegal immigrant committed a crime against Americans? Would we rather make it difficult for immigrants who are peaceful and skilled to enter the country because of the actions of a few? Can we please think about these issues before acting? Should you check out my website and book, The Global Bully? Yes, please. Thank you for reading!
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Published on March 01, 2018 03:29
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