When Will the American Presence in Syria End, Oh Yeah, It Won’t

With ISIS on the brink of defeat and becoming less of a threat to the United States, it would seem that the presence of American troops in Syria is becoming more unnecessary with every day. Yet, the excuses from Washington keep coming. What if small pockets of fighters reassemble and regain lost territory that had once been under the terrorist group’s banner? What if Assad is able to solidify his position as an undisputed autocratic leader of Syria? What if American corporations cannot earn more revenue at the expense of civilian lives? We cannot allow any of these scenarios to come into fruition. It may put to question the legitimacy of an empire trying to run the business of a country thousands of miles away. We do not want that. It will make the United States look weak, and arrogance and profit are more important than saving people’s livelihoods.

If history is a good indicator of the duration of an American occupation, we can reasonably conclude that the United States will remain in Syria indefinitely. Even Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis made it clear that the United States will fight to ensure that the rebels in Syria have a good chance of taking over some power in the country. Political pressure from Russia, Iran, and Turkey may make it impossible to get rid of Assad completely, but if the rebels take over key positions in the government, the United States will have some influence. Eventually, CIA or JSOC operations could force the pro-Assad leaders out of power until Syria becomes an American puppet state.

The United States government will not stop short of reducing the independence and pro-Russian and pro-Iranian influence in Syria. If that means overt war, proxy war, economic war, or a deterioration of relations with Russia; it does not matter because Syria must fall in line as a satellite of the American Empire. Whatever means are necessary to accomplish this are on the table.

I have also argued that the reason that the United States got involved in Syria was to oust Assad from the beginning and not to defeat radical Islam. The Obama administration began by sending aid to the rebels, and many of these rebels were linked to our enemy, al-Qaeda. The administration was relieved when ISIS joined the fight because then there was justification to be in the country. Now that ISIS no longer looks like a long-term threat, the Trump administration is looking to set up camp and impose American interests on the Syrian people.

If you do not believe me about the United States not really caring about ISIS running rampant throughout the Middle East, look at how the United States allowed ISIS fighters and their weapons to quietly leave Raqqa without any kind of opposition. Iran or North Korea having weapons is condemned as the end of the world by the media and American politicians. I guess if we allow ISIS to keep their weapons, they may attack Americans, which could be used to justify violations of American liberties at home. We fund whichever side is necessary to spread the American gospel of “democracy” and “liberty” across the lands, even if it means supporting our enemies. Welcome to the status quo of American foreign policy!

Thank you for reading, and if you are interested in learning a new perspective on political topics, please check out my book, The Global Bully.
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Published on November 27, 2017 19:51
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