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The most important item in your room is neither your TV nor your refrigerator. It’s not your bed and never your ceiling fan, tables and chairs. The most important item in your room is YOU. This is because if you lose everything, but still get YOU, you can bounce back and get everything you lose again. However, if you lose yourself, but get everything, the “everything” cannot bounce back and get you.

For this reason, the 2017 Edition of Success Spring Summit is not about bed linen or car batteries; it not about TV remotes and not about shoe polish. It is simply about YOU. You will have the opportunity to know yourself better and stand on that well discovered YOU to change your world. Anything about YOU, take it serious!

Let’s meet again.



For more information, call +233244920845

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Published on June 26, 2017 13:55 • 114 views

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