Conflict Between the United States and Russia Seems More Likely as ISIS Nears its End

Another dramatic event has occurred in Syria with the downing of the regime’s jet by the United States military. Something like this should not be too surprising given the factors involved in the Syrian Civil War, but it could indicate that tensions between the United States and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Russia, Iran, and regime forces under Assad may escalate a bit due to ISIS’ soon-to-be defeat.

It was argued that the attack was in defense of U.S. allies because the jet had bombed near an SDF location. However, Russia was not quick to accept the American explanation of the event, and it has since claimed that any aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River will be potential targets while communication between the two countries in Syria has been severed. Now, all it will take is for a Russian aircraft to destroy an American jet, and end-of-the-world condemnation will come from politicians and the mainstream media, and escalation of the conflict may result in additional deployments of American troops and equipment.

Cooler heads will likely prevail as this event slowly fades from recent memory, but what we must remember is that this was not the only time when the United States military has used violence against Assad’s forces and its allies. After the Syrian government’s alleged chemical attack against civilians, the United States felt it necessary to punish its defiant little child with airstrikes. Since the deconfliction zone (with a diameter of roughly 110 kilometers or sixty-eight miles) was established around Al Tanf, it has targeted Iranian-backed militias that have wandered into the area . Also this month, two supposedly hostile Iranian drones were shot down. The deconfliction zone is really just territory that the United States claims in Syria that even the Syrian government is not permitted to enter, and the presence of American troops in Syria is an act of war because the government did not invite them (Russia is in Syria because Assad asked for assistance against both ISIS and the rebels).

Once their common enemy is gone, both Russia and the United States will strive to take control of Syria through their proxies, and this may be just the event that ushers in World War III. Others may have a more optimistic view on this, but once you understand that the reason for American involvement in Syria is to get rid of Assad, you begin to see that there is no realistic way to accomplish this without a proxy war with Russia. A proxy war will inevitably lead to the loss of American and Russian troops and equipment at the hands of both countries’ allies. The only likely scenarios for an end of hostilities in Syria is an agreement that splits the country into Western Syria controlled by Assad and Eastern Syria controlled by a puppet government under the United States (as we have learned from the Vietnam and Korean Wars, this will only defer conflict) or to bully Putin’s government into submission or defeat Russia and Iran and their proxies on the battlefield and replace Assad with a Western-friendly regime that may eventually become a haven for radical Islamic terrorism (then, there will be yet another war in Syria down the road). None of these scenarios will benefit the American people, and we can only hope that American leaders will come to their senses and abandon their goal of coercing Syria into compliance.

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Published on June 21, 2017 07:45
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