Swords and Orbs to Celebrate Human Rights Violators

This week marks the first official foreign trip by President Trump, and when he was not dancing with swords or gathering around a glowing orb like some kind of magical wizard, he was talking indignantly against radical Islam and Iran. The president claimed that the Iranian threat was a "unifying force." Demonizing the Islamic Republic has been a tactic used by president’s since 1979 after the United States’ puppet government fell in a popular revolution across the country, but if you take a look at a map of American installations and troop locations scattered throughout the world, you will quickly see that Iran is completely surrounded. In conjunction with a plethora of economic sanctions (most of these have now been revoked), it is no wonder that Iran would not want some sort of defense against American aggression (whether nuclear or not). Yet, Iran is labelled as the threat. In addition, there are several nuclear-capable nations in the region (the United States in Europe, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and North Korea), so if Iran were developing nuclear weapons, there would be good reason.

Regardless of the warmongering sentiments that President Trump sent towards Iran, the focus of the trip was the strengthening of ties between the United States, Israel, and other Arab nations. However, let us take a look at the two hosts of the president this past week. Saudi Arabia and Israel are responsible for horrific human rights violations, yet the United States government turns a blind eye to their atrocities because they are compliant to the interests of the American-led global order.

For starters, the $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia is justified because it can help the American economy. However, the money will help line the pockets of the military-industrial complex, plus, this sends signals to Saudi Arabia that they may continue indiscriminately bombing Yemen. The Saudi-led coalition has killed many civilians, destroyed much infrastructure, and blockaded the country to the brink of starvation (all of which has amounted to war crimes according to human rights groups) in order prevent the Houthi rebels (and their Iranian supporters) from gaining control of the war-stricken country. But that is not important because Lockheed Martin gets paid, right?

If the slaughter of Yemeni civilians is not enough to convince you that Saudi Arabia is a bad actor supported by the United States, look at what the government there does to people who dissent from the norms of the government’s interpretation of Sharia Law. Women are treated harshly and are not allowed to practice their rights in the same manner as men, free speech and assembly are not permitted when speaking out against the government or Islam, and radical Islam is supported by the government to the tune of billions of dollars through the funding of Wahhabi jihadism (not to mention citizens are permitted to support radical Islam). Plus, seventy-nine percent of the hijackers of the September 9/11 attacks in 2001 were from Saudi Arabia. Yet, Iran is considered the world’s largest supporter of terror by American propagandists. Again, the United States government allows this because the oil-rich kingdom cooperates with keeping the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

Criticizing Israel is much more difficult because any attempt to do so is often met with charges of anti-Semitism or reputation bashing due to the large amounts of money thrown at Congress by pro-Israeli groups. However, Americans should know what is really going on in the world, and denying that Israel commits crimes against the Palestinian people is not helpful. This type of condemnation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government does not mean that all pro-Palestinian groups are exempt from blame, but there should be more disapproval by Americans when Israel uses non-proportional force or implements martial law against the people of Gaza Strip and the West Bank. If Mexico decided to take back part of Texas and destroyed your neighborhood so it could build Mexican settlements in its place, for example, you probably would be outraged by the fact that you were now homeless because of an aggressive act by a foreign nation. Why, then, is it justified when Israel builds its settlements that displace Palestinians? Could this be because Israeli lobbying has bought American politicians and officials?

As the foreign trip finishes up, we should reflect on these issues rather than just what the United States government wants you to think about two of our “important” allies. The government has justified meddling in other countries’ affairs for doing very similar things that Saudi Arabia and Israel do. This is a discussion that Americans need to have because, for example, we condemn ISIS for beheading prisoners, but Saudi Arabia also commits such acts. We can be sure in the upcoming years that Saudi Arabia and Israel will continue their atrocities and efforts to rid the region of Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu will press future presidents to apply more pressure on the defiant Islamic Republic so he can lead his country to dominance of the Middle East (that is if President Trump does not invade Iran before his term is up).

It is important that Americans do research on this topic, and if you are interested in looking at things from a different perspective, please check out my book, The Global Bully. Thanks for reading.
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Published on May 23, 2017 15:12 Tags: houthi, human-rights, iran, israel, netanyahu, orb, saudi-arabia, swords, trip, trump, united-states, yemen
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