Past Tense (Schooled in Magic Book 10)Past Tense by Christopher Nuttall

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After reading this book, all I could say was WOW!!!.
This is definitely the most entrancing book in the series, every book in this series just keeps surpassing its predecessor. The storyline of Emily being in the past was written carefully and so well constructed that I was fully immersed in it. The thing about Christopher Nuttall's books is that from the very first pages, it grabs your attention unwilling to let go and this book is no different.
Things I loved about Past Tense.
- Time Travel. It was very entertaining to read the well weaved plot, It was pulled off perfectly with every single detail in place.
- Magic. As usual I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid description of magic in this book, I could clearly have a picture of every magical act performed in my mind.
- The Writing. I am always amazed by the way Christopher Nuttall's books capture my attention. I always find myself unable to do anything else but read his book until the very end and that is exactly what happened again.
- Action and Adventure. This book is an endless entertaining ride of adventure and non stop action with a little bit of mystery. Without spoiling it, I assure that Emily has some adventures that are quite interesting.
- Monsters. YES!!! I especially love this series because of the monsters in it and Past Tense doesn't fail to deliver. From weird magic sucking spider thingies to equally weird demons this makes me really obsessed with this book.
- Everything Else. Every single word, detail and simply everything else in this book makes it an awesome ride.
If you haven't got this series, I am advising you to jump on the wagon.

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