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My first blog/book tour for She Kissed a Vampire has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, friend-ed me on Facebook, followed me on Twitter, commented on the posts, and purchased the books. Thanks to the amazing sites that hosted stops on the tour and took the time to read and review the series. I'm happy to report that every review was either the always coveted 5 STARS, or the next best 4 STARS. That warms my writer's heart! 

If you didn't get a chance to take part, no worries. I plan to share some of the posts, interviews, and other items of interest right here. I will be announcing the winners of the BIG GIVEAWAY any day now. Just waiting for final contact information for one of three readers who won:

An eBook copy of I Kissed a Dog , book one in the Werewolves of the West series. A copy of She Kissed a Vampire , book two, a $10.00 Amazon gift card, and a cool key-chain featuring the covers of my books. I'm sure a bookmark might find its way into the prize pack as well. They have a way of doing that, you know. 

One of the things readers and reviewers are enjoying in She Kissed a Vampire is the fact that there are two heroines featured. In this case ... two are indeed better than one. Actually, Two = Ten times the action! Learn why:

Heroines Times Two = Action Times Ten

When I was in the plotting and planning stages for She Kissed a Vampire, I was having a difficult time determining from whose point of view (POV) to tell the story. I knew, without doubt, I had to continue with Chloe and Zane’s relationship. After all, they’d yet to get their Happily Ever After. I’d also ended I Kissed a Dog with a major cliffhanger and a tasty teaser for book two. For these reasons, Chloe Carpenter just had to return, but in what role? Not to mention she was a ‘love her/hate her’ kinda gal. If you think I’m exaggerating, take a peek at some of the old book reviews to see exactly how divided readers were (still are) over my feisty, frequently frustrating, leading lady! Because of her sassy, brassy, sometimes bitchy behavior, I wanted her to grow up in the second book and become more levelheaded. She also needed more sexy-time with her alpha werewolf.
What to do next? Who else to feature? Those were the questions begging for an answer.
So many urban fantasy/paranormal romance books are told from the first person point of view. Others jump between the hero and heroine, a format I do enjoy, and then there are some with the need to cover a lot of ground with multiple viewpoints in third person. On occasion, you will find a mix and match of third and first persons. So many choices for today’s writer! Where certain stories demand a first person telling, others desperately need several third person points of view to carry a complex story-line with numerous locations and subplots.
With all the various options spread out before me like a scrumptious buffet, I was uncertain, frozen by indecision. I wanted to do something different, something fun, and make my paranormal fantasy adventure unique in a market overflowing with new and delicious books just waiting to be devoured by hungry readers. I didn’t want to do the back and forth between-lovers-dance, and I’d already started off book one using Chloe to tell the tale in first person. But now I found myself with two primary female characters with equally important roles and romances to share.
Why not let them share the spotlight?
That was my thought, and I stuck with it. Doing something I hadn’t really seen a lot of. I decided to reveal my world from the first person viewpoints of two female characters (best friends who’d drifted apart) and had come together again in a time of crisis. The result: two intertwining stories, two romantic journeys, two plot lines that crisscrossed and built on the other in order to reach a shared and climatic conclusion. Did it work? You’ll have to tell me!
Ultimately, I believe having two heroines increased the romantic elements, added more depth, created deeper conflicts, and triggered more action and adventure. In my mind, that’s good stuff! Two Heroines equal Ten Times the action … that’s an equation for supernatural satisfaction.

I hope you will join Chloe and Melanie as they struggle to fix their friendship, redeem their relationships, and, of course, save the world. You can read their stories in She Kissed a Vampire . Oh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. They both kissed vampires, but only one of them takes a bite

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Published on March 07, 2014 20:17
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