Tabletop Season 4 Day 11: Lanterns


Lanterns was the first game I officially locked into our schedule for this season. It was the first game I was able to announce, months ago, when I played it with Ivan Van Norman and Becca Scott (#BeccaCheats) on their show Game the Game.

Then, as it happened, Ivan and Becca (#beccaistheworst) were the first guests I was able to announce, because we decided to have a rematch on Tabletop. We also invited the former G&S Twitch Overlord, Zac Eubanks, to fill out the game.

Lanterns has enough strategy to make it satisfying for experienced gamers, but it’s also so easy to teach, learn, and play, it’s perfect for players as young as 8 years-old. It’s also great bridge to more complex games, regardless of your age.

I’ve experienced a lot of shitty and cruel stuff in the popular online boardgame forums, but I discovered this game because someone in r/boardgames was talking about how great it was. If my memory is correct, the same post brought another game we’re playing this season, Harbour, to my attention. I mention this because it’s so easy to just ragequit and want to burn the whole internet down when shitty people are shitty. We tend to focus on the garbage, because the garbage smells the worst and if it isn’t thrown away, can totally take over a place, but we need to remember that there are a lot of good, kind, enthusiastic people out there in the world who want to share the things they love with us, and who want to build and cultivate a positive community. I’m doing everything I can to make Tabletop part of the positive and awesome gaming community that has meant so much to me for over thirty years of my life. After last season, I didn’t know if that was possible, but this year I feel like it’s come back to what I always wanted it to be. It was a good idea to take out the trash, it turns out.



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Published on May 11, 2016 09:01
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