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If you're Happy and You Know It...


I can't believe how happy I am right now. All those sappy, happy songs are running through my head. It's a banner day! A wonderful, meaningful day filled with unicorns and rainbows, smiley faces and puppies.

Why are you happy, you may ask? Because I'm healthy, I have love, I love, and I'm doing what I've always wanted to do, and I have the support of those that love me and so many fantastic people that I've never even met face to face.

Leather and Lace, book two in my Tempered Steel series is released tomorrow. Unlike Whistlin' Dixie, which only had me plugging away at promotion, Leather and Lace has an entire team of truly caring folks that just want to see me succeed. That's powerful stuff, especially for a woman that was raised to doubt her own self worth.

So, hell, yes, I'm happy! And thankful! And humbled by everyone's faith in me and my writing.

And because I'm happy, my wish for you is to be happy too. Find something or someone that makes you happy and smile.
It's a wonderful feeling!
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Published on February 26, 2015 12:11 Tags: romance, saga, series, suspense

I've Been A Busy Little Minx!

Well, it has certainly been a crazy couple of months in my writing cave! While promoting book two of my Tempered Steel Series, Leather and Lace, I finished book three, Something's Gotta Give, held a baby shower, went to a fantastic Nashville wedding, had knee surgery, and was asked to include Whistlin' Dixie, in the wonderful Hot Summer Nights Anthology put together by The Killion Group and Barclay Publicity!

So, I apologize that this post is a bit late. However, I've managed to get it all finished and I am ready to release book three, Something's Gotta Give, on June 30th thru Amazon with an overview of my Tempered Steel novella, Getting Lucky, as well as an excerpt from Book Four of the series, PLUS, help me name the book!

AND, the blitz tour for this is phenomenal!!! Over 100 bloggers are participating and I couldn't be happier. Oh wait....yes I could.....

BENNET POMERANTZ of ANYTHING GOES on has asked to interview...ME! And it's all thanks to the lovely LinkedIn site and the truly fabulous people I have connected with on there! So please check it out!

And if all that wasn't enough....I HAVE AN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB!! -Join in the fun

As far as my Leather and Lace Blog Tour goes, I'm scheduled for the following stops so come on by - I'll answer your questions or comments and YOU can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Each spotlight lasts a week!

June 23: Romance Novel Giveaways
July 7: The Reading Addict
July 14: Room With Books - review only...
July 21: All ABout A Book Reviews
July 21: Long and Short Reviews
July 28: Writer Wonderland - review only

AND.... remember that Release Day Blitz for Something's Gotta Give? Well, here's a list of some of the wonderful folks helping me to promote. I'll add to the list as more are signing up every day!

June 30th Hooked On Books
June 30th Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
June 30th Alice's Book Wonderland
June 30th promoting authors with read along sue ...
June 30th My Reading Reality
June 30th undercover book reviews
June 30th anything but vanilla book blog
June 30th Joandisalovebooks
June 30th Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents
June 30th dayreader reviews
June 30th Alice's Book Wonderland
June 30th promoting authors with read along sue
June 30th LunaMoody

July 1st Words Turn Me On
July 1st Debb's Reads
July 1st Cu's eBook Giveaways
July 1st Word Forward
July 1st Mare Bare's Book Shelf
July 1st Two peas in a pod

July 2nd Alice's Book Wonderland
July 2nd Wonderfully RED
July 2nd Fictional Rendezvous
July 2nd Melody’s Love 4 Books
July 2nd Little Shop of Readers
July 2nd or 3rd Sarah & Kirsty's Book Reviews

July 3rd Amber Daulton
July 3rd Room with Books
July 3rd Paulette's Papers
July 3rd N/A
July 3rd A Cup and A Book

July 4th Diary of a Book Addict
July 4th N/A
July 4th Book Talk
July 4th Book Lover Blog
July 4th Alice's Book Wonderland
July 4th Book Loving Pixies

July 5th Book Loving Pixies
July 5th Luna Moody
July 5th Kcbreviews
July 5th Lynn's Love of Books
July 5th Reading In Sarah's Corner
July 5th Sinfully Sweet Promotions
July 5th Not Another Damn Blog-Blog

July 6th author sandra love
July 6th Trina's Tantalizing Tidbits
July 6th Once Upon An Alpha
July 6th The Book Fairy Reviews
July 6th Reading in Sarah's Corner
July 6th Imaginative Dreams
July 6th coast to Coast Book Besties

July 7th Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog
July 7th Marebare's Book Shelf
July 7th cheekypee reads and reviews
July 7th A One-Click Addict's Book Blog
July 7th Marebare's Book Shelf
July 7th Red Hot Books
July 7th Romance Readers Book Blog
July 7th Alpha book ckub
July 7th Elaine and Tami's JB3 Blackbirds
July 7th Beantown Bitches Book Page
July7th abibliophobia anonymous book reviews

Please stop by and say hello! I want to thank each and every one of these wonderful folks who support me and my writing endeavors.

And FINALLY...I saved the best for last, I'M GOIING TO BE A GRANDMA!

Baby girl and hubby are going to be blessed with a baby at the end of July...

I'll be taking some time off of writing to spend with that sweet bundle of joy, but, don't worry, I'll soon be back with more sexy stories and humorous anecdotes.

Here's the links to find all the good stuff - - find all three novels on Amazon

Join my fan club for daily fun, games and updates -

pre-order Hot Summer Nights Anthology featuring twelve stories for just $2.99!
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Published on June 28, 2015 18:40 Tags: blog, romance, series


Simply a Connection….

Have you ever had an intense connection with someone you’ve never met? Can you sense the tone of an email and know what’s hiding between the lines? Did you ever just “know” in your heart that the person on the other end of an online chat is a kindred spirit? What about that feeling? Is it instinct? Empathy? Chemistry? What exactly is it that makes one person gravitate to another at first sight?

I started pondering this as I wrote book four, Love, Marriage & Mayhem, of the Tempered Steel Series, and, at first, it was about the romance factor, the pitfalls and joys of finding that soul mate. But it applies to every facet of our lives as well. In business, it can be a gut instinct that a partnership or project will be successful with the right group of people. In our social life, it is that group of people that just “get us”, whether or not there are similar interests. In love, it’s that moment when someone makes your heart skip a beat, then settle back as you connect for the first time.

But can you trust that connection? What if that business project looks good on paper, but is fraught with disaster from the onset? The friends you thought had your back, are suddenly too busy to care, to socialize because of lifestyle changes? That heart stopping moment dwindles at the realization that there are too many obstacles in the way of nurturing that connection into something more?

It’s simply a connection. What we make of that connection is entirely up to us.
I’ve made some big changes in 2015. I elected to take a chance on my writing and cut back on my other career. I’ve made some wonderful connections in the literary world…and I’ve made some enemies. I’ve learned about marketing, advertising, and networking…and I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve opened my mind and expanded my heart to include new people and experiences…and I’ve embarrassed myself along the way.

Life is a journey...but should I follow the path or take off for parts unknown? It is entirely up to me.

There are even more changes coming in 2016. More adventures, more embarrassment, I’m sure, more joy, more sorrow. I have followed the path laid out for me for many years without question, without opinion, simply because it was expected. But now, I’m blazing a new trail, filled with uncertainty, insecurity, and yes, excitement. I know there will be friends and family that won’t understand my need to do this – they are happy to follow the path. They find comfort in the norm. Hopefully, they will still support my need to venture further than what they find comfortable. It is a connection I hope will not be severed by my decisions, but it’s a chance I’m going to take.
We cannot be held responsible for another’s decisions. That is part of their journey, not ours.

Perhaps you, too, have new friends, new colleagues, or new paths to forge. If so, I wish you confidence in your decisions, happiness in your heart, and contentment within your soul.

And those connections?

Well, they are simply connections. But again, what we do with those connections is up to us. They are important, however, in some definitive way to our journey. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have connected at all.

Love, Marriage & Mayhem (Tempered Steel Series Book 4) by Maggie Adams Love, Marriage & Mayhem
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Published on February 12, 2016 09:48 Tags: cowboy, series, suspense