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February 6, 2020

Faeries VS Humans

In the far-off days of the 1990s, I wrote a horror story about a man who developed a taste for eating faeries, and how the faeries had to band together to bring him down.

I kinda touched on humans VS faeries again in a brief scene in my book Crow's Meal.

Apparently this is a recurring theme with me, so I thought: why not make it a feature-length story? This was the genesis of upcoming new book (presently editing): faeries VS humans (not the actual title!) Written from the faeries' perspective and scaled up to make it a larger conflict from the original concept, with all the lore and world-building that entails.

Basically, we follow a group of faeries who go from a peaceful forest-dwelling, cultivate-pretty-gardens kind of folk to a bunch of tiny warriors and mages in order to defend their home from human incursion. No Tinkerbells in sight!

I've had crazy fun writing it. It's not horror, eschewing the approach of my original. Instead, it's fantasy and probably as close to all-audiences as I will ever write (still violent and occasionally a bit ghoulish, though, so not for the young'uns). It was pretty great to write from the perspective of tiny, winged people rather than humans - really changes up and reinvigorates the action sequences, for instance!

In any case, I'm announcing it early, even though it's in its non-edited infancy, because I'm excited about this one and I believe in it. So if you like faeries, keep your eyes open for this one!

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Published on February 06, 2020 10:25 Tags: fae, faeries, fairy, fantasy, mage, revenge

November 29, 2019

Chasing Danaera - a horror-infused fantasy novella

I have dragged my new novella, Chasing Danaera, kicking and screaming into the world!

Chasing Danaera

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may already know that this one has been a difficult, uncooperative project. I've struggled with it all year, abandoned it multiple times, and written it across many moods. But at long last, it is complete!

Chasing Danaera is the tale of a young man who abandons his wife (with a stillborn child) to pursue the woman of his dreams, a nymph, into her forest homeland. "Wow, what a hero," you might say, in your best sarcastic voice... and you'd be right. I don't write heroes.

Garrick is a youth torn between the traditional expectations of his father and fellow villagers, and his hunger for a wild creature, supernatural in her beauty. He chooses the fantasy of reuniting with Danaera the nymph over his solid and dependable young wife, Cadie.

The tale is composed of several different elements - a fantasy adventure, albeit a dark one; a horror tale both psychological and visceral; and a romance... of sorts. If you want something to swoon over, this ain't it.

Anyway, I'd rather not give too much away, so I'll just mention that Chasing Danaera features several of my hallmarks - buckets of supernatural creatures and a dangerous forest among them - so despite the different angle, my readers should feel at home. There are pesky sprites and cannibal wights and oversexed rusalki (or fauns, if fauns are more your thing.)

Okay, maybe I'm giving a lot away. But to find out how all this fits together, you'll have to read it!

Chasing Danaera is tentatively scheduled for January 11 2020 on Kindle (USA/Canada/U.K.) I'm still working on the paperback release which may or may not be simultaneous. More news to come!
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Published on November 29, 2019 15:33 Tags: betrayal, dark-fantasy, fantasy, fauns, horror, kindle, mythology, nymphs, obsession, rusalka, supernatural

February 5, 2019

Town Crier: A Hybrid Fantasy-Horror-Superhero saga

When I began writing Town Crier, the pitch-to-self was "superhero saga set in a fantasy world". I envisioned epic battles between costumed humans, elves, and a multitude of other races.

As it turns out, someone else is going to have to write that (likely they already have), as my instincts turned, once again, to what I love best: horror-infused fantasy. What began conceptually as a jubilant cross between explosive superheroics and rousing high fantasy has become the dark and violent saga of a young woman imbued with a strange power which might be more of a curse than a blessing.

Town Crier

Vika is the city of Greenstone's first female town crier. An awkward waif with no known family, she's not well-loved by anyone, especially her boss, who has no concern for her safety as he sends her into even the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city to deliver the news.

One thing Vika does have is a powerful voice. A commanding voice. When she calls out, people listen. One evening, as she's finishing her rounds in the roughest district in Greenstone, she's accosted by some thugs. An old woman on the run from local law enforcement saves her. This woman, a witch, gifts Vika with a bizarre new ability. She learns she can temporarily command people to do as she says - but only if she calls out to them at the same volume as her town crier voice.

Testing her new power draws unwanted attention from a number of parties: a sadistic serial killer; a charismatic demon with undisclosed plans for Vika; and a vampire warlord, determined to drain every last drop of supernatural power from those who, like Vika, have been endowed with the witch's gift.

Can Vika survive this onslaught, learn to master her abilities, and dodge local law, who would have her burned as a witch? Will her gift save her or destroy her?

Find out in Town Crier, available on Amazon Kindle March 21st 2019!

I am also planning on releasing a paperback - more details closer to the date.
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Published on February 05, 2019 15:07 Tags: dark-fantasy, demon, fantasy, heroine, shifters, superhero, town-crier, vampires, witch

June 5, 2018

Crow Poetry: A Reminder

Crow Poetry, the sequel to Crow's Meal, released today on kindle (and Kindle Unlimited). Grab a copy at Amazon, Amazon UK, or Amazon Canada, amongst other Amazons!

Crow Poetry, not poetry about crows

Follow the further trials and tribulations of undead anti-hero Leif Landry as he contends with supernatural serial killers, a mad guard captain, an old enemy back from the grave, and... loneliness?

Also featuring: the fantasy equivalent of a rock supergroup and a morbid, poetry-spouting crow!

If you've yet to start the saga, it all begins with Crow's Meal - check it out!
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Published on June 05, 2018 08:31 Tags: crow-poetry, dark-fantasy, ebook, fantasy, kindle, kindle-unlimited, possession, succubus, supernatural, undead

April 19, 2018

Crow Poetry (Crow's Meal 2)

It's nearly here! The event that dedicated ornithologists have been awaiting with baited breath! An entire book devoted to poetry about crows!

Only not. Sorry, ornithologists.

Crow Poetry, not poetry about crows

Crow Poetry is, in fact, Book 2 in the Crow's Meal Chronicles, which began with Crow's Meal (because why only use a title once when you can get some mileage out of it.)

Leif Landry's unlife isn't working out as planned. His hopes for a fresh lease on life in the big city are crumbling. His unrequited love, Sailor, is drifting away from him, while his brother Pieter has found his own happiness, leaving Leif alone, angry at the world, and no longer satisfied with the animal blood he's been substituting for that of humans.

As if his personal problems weren't enough, Leif must deal with supernatural serial killers, a ruthless enemy from his past, and a lunatic guard captain in this second irreverent chapter in the life of a hapless anti-hero haunted by his inner demons and hunted by outer ones!

Readers of the first installment may recall a character opining that crow poetry was "quite nauseating", and now you will have a chance to judge this perspective for yourself, as a crow poet joins the cast (as one of several new faces).

What you'll get with Crow Poetry: more action! More humor! More horror! More indecent behavior! And yes - more heart!

If you'd like to pre-order Crow Poetry on Kindle you can grab it at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, or any other Amazon, except possibly the river.

If you've yet to start the saga, you're in luck: Crow's Meal (Book 1) will be FREE on April 22-24th on Kindle. Follow Leif Landry's rocky journey from recipe to reluctant anti-hero in preparation for what will surely be a "happily ever after" epilogue upon the release of Crow Poetry! Right? Right.

Crow's Meal
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Published on April 19, 2018 21:17

February 2, 2018

Crow's Meal 2: A Bestiary

Just checking in - I'm over 50,000 words into a sequel to Crow's Meal, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's as deranged as the first entry, but it also takes a more serious tone - without abandoning a ghoulish sense of humor. I'd expect it, maybe, mid-2018? I can't lock down a date yet, since most of my writing and editing revolve around work.

In my ongoing quest to "write 'em all", expect a bunch of mythological oddities to join a cast which previously included vampires, fairies, rokurokubi, imps, elves, and lampad. Crow's Meal 2 (no, NOT the title! - that will be revealed soon) will add a succubus, a mara/mare, and an aswang to the mix). And, of course, a brand new crow!

Stay tuned here or follow my curmudgeonly ramblings on Twitter.
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Published on February 02, 2018 12:39 Tags: crow, dark-fantasy, fantasy, mythology, sequel

November 18, 2017

Crow's Meal

Well, it's about that time - new book time! My latest, Crow's Meal, is up for pre-order for Kindle (, .ca, .uk), and set to release on December 5th, 2017.

That's all very well, you say, but why should I care? Glad you asked! Crow's Meal is the beginning of what I hope will become a series of light-hearted dark fantasy books. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, the first entry will balance bloody violence and general ghoulishness with absurdity, gallows humor and a pinch of raunchiness. Maybe, if you squint, even a little heart!

For those of you who have followed my exploits so far, think "Parasite Soul" as run through a pulpy "Tales of Tourniquet" filter (and Crow's Meal is set in the same world, if a different kingdom, to both). The tale follows Leif Landry, my first first-person narrator, who has risen from his grave to find the whole world against him. Religious fanatics want him dead, he's displeased a very twitchy old vampire, and the crows - as you may have guessed from the title - want to make a meal of him.

With no memory of how he died Leif must navigate a minefield of hostile forces to learn who his friends and enemies are, reclaim his past, create a future for himself, and avoid becoming dinner!

Thanks for your interest! If Crow's Meal finds an audience, I'm currently toying with ideas for sequels.

The Amazon blurb:

Leif Landry is a dead man. Quite literally; he just crawled out of his grave. Unfortunately, everyone he meets seems determined to put him back in it.

With no memory of his death, Leif must struggle to piece his past together while dodging vicious vampires, religious fanatics, and the ever-watching, ever-hungry crows. Who can he trust? Who is he, really? Is he destined for great things, or will he simply become a crow's meal?

An off-beat tale marinated in gallows humor, baked in a violent sauce, and seasoned with a sprinkling of indecent behavior!
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Published on November 18, 2017 20:46 Tags: crow-s-meal, dark-fantasy, ebook, fantasy, kindle, undead

April 18, 2017

Tree Mouth

Tree Mouth, my newest dark fantasy, is a little nuts.

In order to appease the gods, six sacrifices of different races are forced to descend into the underworld, where... well, no one knows what will happen to them.

This story drew inspiration from a number of influences, ranging from the highly atmospheric and enigmatic Dark Souls video games, to fairy tales and mythology, to the kind of exploration-based fantasy stories I used to love reading before Game of Thrones-style political fantasy became the norm. The protagonists (including humans, dryads, harpies, and centaurs) have a few odd species-based abilities to help them on their way, but they aren't heroes, precisely; they are under-powered and unprepared, thrust into a ruined world of madness with little more than determination. Basically, it's a survival-horror-fantasy adventure with an undercurrent of insanity.

Thanks to anyone who checks it out!

The Amazon blurb:

In the wake of the demon uprising, the gods went silent. Scripture ends there: even the priests of the world's greatest faiths cannot say how that apocalyptic conflict concluded.

Centuries later, the six races continue to make annual sacrifice to the gods in the hopes of preventing further bloody conflict. For brash young Jorn and Kiri the harpy, this means a forced descent through the Tree Mouth, the ancient gateway to the world below, a desolate land of fallen divinity and madness.

There is no appeal.

The underworld must be fed.

Available for kindle on April 20th: US, Canada, UK.
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Published on April 18, 2017 09:09 Tags: dark-fantasy, demons, harpy, kindle, madness, survival, tree-mouth, underworld

January 2, 2017

It lives!

Or more correctly, "I'm alive."

Man, 2016 was a bad writing year for me. Sure, I snuck Caracal's Harvest out in the 1st quarter, then after that? Nothing worked. I began two books, one which made it to nearly 50,000 words before it collapsed under the weight of too many characters and plot threads, and another which amassed 35,000 words before I decided it just wasn't working out, either.

The biggest problem with both works is that I was looking to expand my audience, rather than write something I cared about. I spent some time after these misfires debating: should I continue my attempts to write something a little more mainstream? Try to raise my profile by pandering?

The end result is that I've purged my desire to expand my reader base for the wrong reasons. Obviously, I hope for an ever-growing audience, but not at the expense of what I love to write. And I love to write pulpy, violent, occasionally raunchy dark fantasy tales based around a parade of weirdos and outcasts.

The good news is, I've been writing something for months now that's really working for me. I can't say when to expect it, because I have a hectic work schedule and sometimes can't write for more than an hour (or less!) a day, but it's coming along well and I'm extremely enthusiastic about it.

I'm not going to share a whole lot about it yet. I will say: anyone who has read my previous stuff might expect the pages to teem with oddball mythological misfits, and they wouldn't be wrong: there will be a harpy heroine! Stern centaurs! Disturbed dryads! Shady fish folk! There will be angst and dark humor, sad moments and sick moments! Mark your calendars!

Except, y'know, don't, because I still have a lot of work to do.
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Published on January 02, 2017 18:45 Tags: centaur, dark-fantasy, dryad, harpy

October 11, 2016

A dark fairy tale gone awry, free for three days on Kindle

Parasite Soul is the tale of a young man attempting to escape a curse, a fairy tale gone violently wrong.

When a rampaging dragon descends upon the kingdom, burning towns and devouring the citizenry, the king is forced to issue a reward for the head of the beast: the hand of his only daughter in marriage.

Upon defeating the dragon with an old sword he found in a ditch, peasant youth Simon spurns the notoriously volatile Princess Tiera, who does not take rejection well. Now he's on the run, along with the princess' handmaiden, his hopes for escaping the kingdom unscathed compromised by a terrible curse: his stronger emotions can kill. With every setback and every loss bringing Simon closer to the edge of emotional breakdown, can he evade Tiera's soldiers, flee the kingdom, and win the handmaiden's heart - all while struggling in the grip of the parasite soul?

Parasite Soul is free on kindle from Oct 11 - 13, one year from its debut! If the idea of a cursed peasant, a psychotic princess, and a vampiric witch sounds like your thing, take it for a spin!
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Published on October 11, 2016 08:40