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June 19, 2016

To show solidarity with
The victims at the Pulse in Orlando,
After the celebration of Shavuot
A rabbi of Orthodox Jews
Travels from his synagogue
To a gay African American bar
With his mom

There a large wild inebriated man
Who lost his cousin at the Pulse
Breaks down after the ‘mom’s embrace

With tears in his eyes
The Rabbi expresses his feelings of pain
Offers words of prayer and healing

Everyone in the bar put their hands
Around each other’s shoulders,
Sing soulful tunes
To connect
To break down barriers
And come together as one.

June 19, 2016
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June 12, 2016

There was another shooter today
CNN stopped its entire program
Like all other times
And broad casted this unfolding story
From all different angles
A lone active shooter killing 50 people
Injuring 50 more in a night club
Taking others hostage for 3 hours
SWAT team killing the shooter
After a gun battle.

Condolence and condemnation
Flood the air waves
Flags fly in half staff
People hug each other
Alliance to the community spirit
Talk about hate crimes
Call for banning immigration
Alliance to the defiant spirit of America

And watch in TV
The unfolding reality show

Apple pie
Play station
X box
Assault rifles

Right to happiness
Right to bear arms
Right to buy a semiautomatic assault rifles
And magazines to ‘defend’ life and liberty

This shooting is will be history
People going back to their normal days
Working, shopping and watching TV
Forgetting the horror and the loss of lives
Of some unknown strangers

This reality show will be again on TV
Setting another historical record
CNN will again broadcast
Another horrific reality show.
June 12, 2016
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June 9, 2016

It is not a big deal
To be born, grow up
Get married and have kids
And then get old and die
Everyone in the world can do it
Hands down

We do it as a matter of fact
Without understanding or realizing
How it all happens
How do we see or feel
How do we recognize some one
How does the food we eat give us energy
Of how we feel pain or pleasure
How a baby is conceived and grows

Everything works like a clock work
Until we break or lose something in an accident
Or fracture a bone, lose our sight or become deaf
Get bed ridden, paralyzed
Not able to move a finger or talk

Then we realize
How amazing creatures of
Great design we are
More intricate than a smart phone
Or a probe to the Mars or beyond

June 9 2016
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June 8, 2016

From every corner of the earth
They come by some means
As students, refugees, workers
Asylum seekers or just undocumented
To start a life that they imagined
Heaven on earth

Even though often it may not
Reach that height and glamor imagined
Still a better place than
What they left behind
Terrorized and traumatized by
Gangs, poverty
Ethnic or religious strife

A peaceful but often a desolate existence
To work day and night for the dream that
Their children have a chance to be
Another Einstein or Steve Jobs.

June 08, 2016
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June 6, 2016

Ali, the greatest died last week
The Prince died a few weeks ago
The King died few decades ago
Tributes in words, in prints
In churches and in gatherings
Poured remembering them
How great they were as creators,
As persons and as trailblazers

I wish so much that
Each of them could hear and savor
Tributes endowed posthumously
To make him larger than life
I wish it could make a difference in his life
To energize to be more of him
Or should we succumb to the idea
A good composer is a dead composer?

The loss of a genius
Either tragically by self-infliction
Or by the ravage of a disease
Signals the end of a chapter
But leaves a baton to be carried by another
Ambitious and trailblazer individual
To get tribute posthumously.

June 6, 2016
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June 3, 2016

Sometimes richly illustrated inside or out
Eye catching, large or small
Of so many shapes and sizes
Either a cartoon book or an epic to be read for generations

Either a paper back or an elegantly bound hardcover
It is defined by two events
That it neither controls nor experiences
Its own beginning and the end
In other words, birth and death

Its limit by time and space
Defied by glories and agonies of life
Characters pop up at each chapter
With or without invitation
To make a book colorful, vivid and dramatic
Not afraid to make an impression on others

We all agree
We should not judge a book by its cover
An ugly front cover might have wonderful material in it
And a book with very beautiful front cover may be a facade
But we all do love and judge the book by its cover
Its elegance appeals to our sense of beauty
To make us fall in love at the first sight
Unless we read the book first
And then look at the cover design.
But how many wants to do that?
June 3, 2016
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June 2, 2016

Most of the time
Most of the things work here in America
Unlike my beloved birth country
Where break down or non-existence was a norm
Still it is, to a large extent.

After a long days work
I sit down and get a glimpse
Of the world out there
The real one as projected on my TV
Where poverty and misery
Run rampant
Where drinkable water and
Breathable air are luxuries for a few
Childhood diseases and malnutrition rule
No opportunity
Or lack of everything
For a girl child or a woman
Spells life
Or its sustenance.

There in the distant land
With not even a dirt road
But with a dried up river
Children still dream of becoming some one
A doctor, a robotic engineer
A rapper or an artist
To be providers for their parents
In their old age

Old parents tucked away
In nursing home
Our children busy with their own children
We look for something to fill our days
From stock market to spirituality
From celebrity gossip
To travel in cruise ship to distant shores
To get snapshots of our kind
Living loving suffering
In their own islands.

June 2, 2016
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March 27, 2016

Death follows us like a pack of hyenas
Sometimes even before we are born
Still we all think death won’t touch us
We are immortal or want to be

So we all wish and search for
The potion of immortality
That elixir that let this body live for ever
Like the gods did
After the churning of the sea in Hindu mythology
But alas!
We are not gods
Hence we remain mortal.

Still the wish does not die
The body could be mortal like a maple leaf in fall
But it can resurrect like Jesus did
Coming back to life like foliage of the spring
But it does not
Once in the casket or in crematorium
It is a one way trip
From dust we came
To the dust we return irreversibly

May be this body is mortal
But we have the soul
That represents the Supreme Soul
It is indestructible
Cannot be cut by sword, can’t be burnt by fire
Like the changing attire
We discard an aged body for a new one
The soul, the spirit, immortal
Leaves life after life

That illusive soul
Out wishful imagination,
The projection of our nerves
Without any tangible proof
Does not convince its immortality
This is it
What we see, that is it
Nothing was before this life,
Nothing will be left after we die

But we could be still immortal
We are what we live behind
As world’s cumulative memories,
As remnants of our achievement
As minute of others moments
As an artist, a scientist, a writer
An altruist or philosopher etc. etc.

Then in reality
Out of billions of human beings
How many people care to know who we are?
What we do?
In what field and what language we write or sing?
Even our children and their care less

Boils down to the moment we are aware of being alive
The present moment is the present
Everything else
Product of rich imagination.
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Published on March 27, 2016 18:04 • 26 views • Tags: immortality, life, presence, soul

January 5, 2016

I wonder if the sounds of music
The chants of anger, devotion and love
Populate our interior and echo for ever
Molding us without us knowing it?

How about the echoes of the sounds
That set the milestones of becoming a human being?
The first palpitation of the heart in the womb
The first cry after being born
The first heartbeat of being a lover
And the first sob after the first breakup?

In the archive of the echoes in the interior
Does lie the first sound of kiss
The first exclamation of achieving the heavenly pleasure on earth
A mom’s wailing at the loss of her teenage son or daughter
And the silent cry at the departure of a lover untimely?

I wonder
If the dark chamber of the interior
Is sonorous with the echoes of living
Until we make no sound anymore?
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January 2, 2016

My child!
My beautiful child!
When you grow up
You will be a very rich man
And you take care of me
And of all my problems
But in the meantime
Go to sleep

My Lord
I have no one but you
To take refuge
Only you can relieve me of my sufferings
Only you can pardon my sin and ill doings
Please destroy all my enemies
Just like you have done
For all your past devotees

The baby does not understands a thing
But is charmed by the melody
The mother’s tongue carves the cocoon
To feel secure and let him or her sleep

Assuming He understands all human languages
The Lord does not know what to do
Every being is His child
Why could He kill one for the sake of another?
How can His child commit a sin anyway?
Can chaos and destruction also a part of His creation?

The devotee in the cocoon from his faith
In his own universe
Feels secure and live by his prayer
That understanding and analysis
May not bring.
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Published on January 02, 2016 18:25 • 65 views • Tags: devotion, faith, god, lord, prayer