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April 17, 2017

What's the least expensive, but still effective, way to get started with writing?

Many of my readers are also writers who haven’t yet published. They frequently ask me for tips and advice on writing and publishing options, including the question above. This is a fairly complex topic, so I may turn this post into a series.

My first tip is simple — if you want to be a writer, be a writer. Write your first sentence on paper, either by hand or on your computer. Now you are a writer. What you have written is copyrighted the instant you put it into tangible form. You have a string of words that can be copyrighted and expanded into a full paragraph, then a short story or chapter, and possibly into a novella or full-length novel. But that isn’t your focus at this point. The focus is to begin and then to continue.

Many writers have difficulty with beginning. They want a great first sentence and opening paragraph, something that will capture their readers from the start. They stare at their blank screen or paper, ponder, mull, rub their forehead, look up to the ceiling for guidance, lower their forehead to the paper or keyboard hoping words will seep in through osmosis, close their eyes, take a deep breath, open their eyes... and find the page is still blank.

Or maybe that’s just me.

When I think about writing, the words elude me. When I write what I think or feel, the sentences flow like blood through the heart. The idea for a scene or dialogue comes to me and I just write it. That’s the heart of it. I don’t worry about how it reads, the grammar, or building the full body. That comes later in round 2, or 3, perhaps 4 or more. When I go back and read the first draft, I cringe but remind myself that no one else will see it but me. I have a structure to work with. I can clean it up, add to it, polish, take out any late night rambling nonsense not worth saving, etc. My scenes may be in separate files and I probably have not put them in any order yet. I thought of a scene and wrote it down. The point is, I have something to work with, and that’s a good start.

You need a way to put those ideas on paper. What tools do I recommend? There’s so many choices these days with writing software and websites. No option is right for everyone. You have to find what works for you — what fits your lifestyle and schedule and what you feel most comfortable using. You might prefer your grandmother’s old typewriter. I’m most comfortable with using my word processing software on my computer. I could add more bells and whistles by using one of the available writing programs, and perhaps I’ll try that someday, but for now, Word does everything I need. I have another job where I sometimes get breaks during the day. I run personal errands and go places for fun. Most of the time, I don’t have my computer or tablet with me. I always have something in my purse to write on, whether it’s a notebook, notepad, or scrap paper. Once I return home, I clean out my purse and type up all my scribbles. Some writers do better with more structure - an office and a desk. I prefer my comfy sofa with my dog by my side and music playing in the background. Choose what works best for you...

And begin.
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Published on April 17, 2017 14:21 Tags: author, books, fantasy, paranormal, readers, writing

April 8, 2017

Brain to Books CyberCon - Vote for Fire's Love in Cover Wars and enter my giveaways

I am participating in the Brain to Books Cyber Con 2017.

You can visit with me throughout the weekend at my author showcase here at Goodreads -

Please vote for Fire's Love in the Cover Wars at Fire's Love by Alex E. Carey

You will also find me or my books in these locations:
Book Expo -

Karina Kantas reading an excerpt of Water’s Reflection in Story Time at

Enter my giveaways in the YA section at

Visit me during the Fantasy Blog Hop Tour # 1 at

Find my “behind the scenes” article in the genre blog tour at

Attend the CyberCon in the comfort of your own home while you’re in your comfy clothes. No lines or waiting, pushy crowds or spilled drinks. Well, unless you spill your own at home, and that I can’t help. Plenty of time with your favorite authors and their books plus giveaways. Here’s how to participate.

Start here to see what all B2B CyCon has to offer this year -
You can browse through the headings at the top or scroll down. Check out the live coverage and all the events. Only interested in select genres? You can visit by genre too.

B2B CyCon 2017 offers author interviews and showcases, book expo and talks, book trailers, blog hops and genre tours, character tournaments, cover wars, spotlights, giveaways, panel discussions, story time and more!

Link to the events -
Events sorted by genre -
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Published on April 08, 2017 13:12 Tags: article, author-appearance, b2b, blog, cover-war, fantasy, giveaway, vote

Guest Post at the Unorthodox Blog by Eri Nelson

I was recently given the opportunity to write a guest post for The Unorthodox Blog by Eri Nelson. Please check it out here -

After reading my post and clicking on my links at the bottom of the post, I hope you will browse her other blog topics. She invites authors to post in her Monday blog and asks them to write about what makes them unique.
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Published on April 08, 2017 13:04 Tags: blog, guest, unique

March 9, 2017

Event - Spring into the Elemental Series

Join us at the Elemental Series as we celebrate and host author takeovers for:
St. Patrick's Day
The first day of spring
Author Alex E. Carey's birthday
And 2500 likes on the Elemental Series page

TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE for authors, PAs, bloggers, designers, editors, etc. GAMES AND PRIZES available for all to play and have a chance to win. The event begins on 3/17

Authors, PAs, bloggers, designers, etc., come by and request a takeover time slot. You can request more than one. It is filling up fast! Any times that remain open will either be claimed by myself, designated as free posting times, used by me for promos for author friends, games, teasers, tips, and a variety of other subjects. But I'd prefer for the slots to be claimed for authors, etc., so come by and claim your time and tell your friends.

Readers come for the fun and lots of chances to win prizes or score some deals. I will be adding some incentives between now and then myself. :) There will be games and prizes offered each day of the event, as well as at least one game that will run through the whole week. Watch the page for more news and updates.

This link will take you to the event page -

This link will take you to the News and Updates thread within the event where you can find links to the invite contest, schedule for signing up, donations for the grand prize and more.

See you there!
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Published on March 09, 2017 09:17

January 20, 2017

Please Vote in Cover Contest


Please vote for one or more of my book covers at Authorsdb Fire's Love, Earth's Embrace and Water's Reflection are all entered. Thank you!
Fire's Love by Alex E. Carey Earth's Embrace (Elemental #2) by Alex E. Carey Water's Reflection (Elemental #3) by Alex E. Carey
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Published on January 20, 2017 17:39

November 14, 2016

Fire's Love Revision Published; Street Team Available

Hi All,

The revision of Fire's Love has finally been published along with a brand new cover. The new edition is combined with the original listing and can be found in my books. It is for sale on all major online retailers. If it is not available at your favorite local bookstore, I hope you will request it. It has been professionally edited and has added chapters. I hope you love it!

Also, I have set up my street team finally. It is called Alex E Carey's Elemental Elite and will support all books that I publish, not just my Elemental Series. If you enjoy reading fantasy/paranormal, will review the books you read and like to receive prizes and swag, this is a good place or you to be. It is a closed group on Facebook, so you have to request to join. Sign up now while openings are still available. We're keeping it somewhat small to start with, so that the members get to know each other and make friends, have plenty interactions with me and each other, and have more opportunities for prizes and swag.

You can find it here:

Happy Reading!

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Published on November 14, 2016 00:01 Tags: bad-boy, demon, new-release, paranormal, romance, second-chance, street-team, supernatural

June 24, 2016

Upcoming events

Hi all,

I am STILL hard at work on the revision of my first novel, Fire's Love. I think I'm finally getting close so keep watching for that release.

Saturday, June 25th, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST
I am participating in Tim Hemlin's It's a Mystery Facebook Party author takeover event. He is celebrating 20 years as a published author and the re-release of his books in e-book form. Many wonderful authors are attending. I will be there at 5:00 PM CST or 6:00 PM Eastern time. There will be lots of prizes during the day as well as grand prizes for three lucky winners. One will win a grab bag of over 15 e-books, and two others will win a gift card each. Find more information at
It's a Mystery!

Friday, July 1st all day
Brain to Books is hosting the Brain to Books Book Blast and Author Takeover Event in celebration of Indie Pride Day on July 1st. You can find more information at
Brain to Books and at Brain to Books Book Blast
I will be participating in the blog tour and in the following takeover events in the Goodreads area:
5:00 PM EST in Romance Genre - Romantic Fantasy
6:00 PM EST in YA Fiction
7:00 PM EST in Paranormal Genre - Paranormal Suspense
8:00 PM EST in Urban Fantasy Genre
9:00 PM EST in Romance Genre - Romantic Suspense
If you go to the Goodreads link above, and click on Discussions, you can scroll down and find all the available genres. Each author has their own thread within each genre. I hope you will come visit me and the other wonderful authors participating, both here at Goodreads and at the Brain to Books website.

Saturday, July 1st and 2nd
Release party for Fire and Lies by Angela B. Chrysler
Many wonderful authors participating those days. I will be there on Saturday at 7:00 PM EST. You can find more information about this event at Fire and Lies Release Party and Takeover Event

I am also participating in the Red Hot Summer Giveaway and will post more information about that next week. It is running through Labor Day, September 6th. So watch for that promo and information.

Lots more to come, so keep watching this blog and my social media!
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Published on June 24, 2016 10:50

April 10, 2016

Brain to Books - Giveaways

Hi All,

I'm having a blast at the Brain to Books CyberCon this weekend! Lots of giveaways are still going on at my booth at the Fairgrounds, which you can find here:

Come visit me at my booth and comment to win. I'm giving away e-books and printed books. Don't miss out! I hope to see you there!
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Published on April 10, 2016 12:49

April 9, 2016

Brain to Books Cyber Convention

Hi everybody! This weekend is the Brain to Books Cyber Convention. I hope you will come by to see me at my booth in the Fairgrounds. You can find me here -

I will also be participating in the Facebook takeover event at 6:00 PM Eastern time - which you can find here -

I'll be holding lots of giveaways this weekend, so don't miss it! Have fun at the CyberCon and enjoy your weekend!
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Published on April 09, 2016 09:26

December 18, 2015

Announcing Release of Water's Reflection

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, Water's Reflection. It is the third book in the Elemental Series. It is available in e-book and paperback on Amazon at Hardcover will be available soon at Coming soon to online bookstores. I'm trying to get the links updated on the book page here at Goodreads. Request it at your favorite local bookstore. It is also available locally at the Moose Cafe. A longer synopsis can be found at the link, but a short blurb follows.

In Water's Reflection, the tides change for Kira, as her life and powers become more dangerous. Pyre, a fire demon and Kira’s boyfriend, confronts his own past, but a new foe may cause him to lose everything. Lowell, a wolf demon and their friend, must forgive himself for his past love’s death or lose his new love. Will they survive or will they drown in the Water's Reflection? Water's Reflection by Alex E. Carey
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Published on December 18, 2015 11:03