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December 11, 2017

1- Dogs are expensive. Americans spend $5 billion annually on pet foods—more than the gross national products of some countries—and more than that on veterinary bills. Add another billion for show dogs. Add another billion for flea treatments. Dog bites cost insurance companies a quarter of a billion dollars each year. Not to mention legal fees and damages ordered by courts. Are dogs worth more than cancer research? Americans seem to think so!

2- Dogs spread disease: leptospirosis, tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, undulent fever, asthma, eczema, allergies, rabies, pasteurella multocida, roundworm, hookworm, ringworm, salmonella, typhus, toxoplasmosis, scabies, fleas, lice, ticks.

3- Keeping dogs is socially irresponsible. They consume billions of pounds of food fit for human consumption while a billion of the world’s people are seriously malnourished. Whale meat is a common ingredient of pet foods. Protein-deficient Latin America provides much of the fish meal in American pet foods. American dogs often get expensive medical treatments denied to poor people. U.S. drug companies spend almost nothing on tropical diseases of humans, but spend half a billion dollars annually on First World animal health.

4- Dogs are aggressive. They bite millions of Americans each year, most of them little children. Children sustain an estimated 44,000 bites to the face annually, usually from family pets. Dogs kill more people than rattlesnakes, spiders, sharks, rats, alligators, bears, or lions. Dog attacks cost $50 million annually in medical bills. The biting force of a dog's canine teeth can exceed 1,000 pounds per square inch.

5- Dogs are prolific. One bitch could theoretically produce 67,710 offspring in six years. Public health officials estimate the U.S. dog population at 100 million. Authorities agree that dogs are seriously overpopulated.

6- Dogs are messy. They deposit almost ten million gallons of urine daily on the U.S. A Georgia survey found that a single dog fecal deposit resulted in up to 588 additional flies. Dogs promote rats, roaches, and flies by turning over garbage cans. Dogs shed hair.

7- Keeping dogs is unnatural. Nature has ordained that carnivores do their own killing, not have their prey killed for them by humans. In nature, no species kills for another species. Dogs are nowhere near humans on the mammalian tree. Making love objects of dogs, wolves, jackals, or hyenas is unnatural.

8- Dogs are noisy. Dog barking has been measured at 90 decibels, louder than OSHA limits for continuous occupational exposure. Loud enough to cause hearing loss in humans, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Dog noise can carry for miles. Dogs disturb the sleep quality of hundreds of millions of people every night.

9- Dogs are destructive. It costs taxpayers $500 million per year to pay for problems caused by dogs.

10- Dogs are commercially bred, like livestock. 90% of dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills. Buying a dog from a pet store supports this nefarious and irresponsible industry.

And besides, domestication is not good for dogs. They pick up human degenerative diseases. Kibbled dog foods cause digestive disorders in dogs.
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January 24, 2017

How could someone as unpopular as Donald Trump be elected president in a democracy? It makes no sense. Isn't an election supposed to be a kind of popularity contest? The answer is simple: America is not a democracy. This election proves it. In fact, the U.S. has never been a democracy. Democracy is myth. Democracy is a buzzword. Long ago, James Madison said that the purpose of government is to protect the rich from the poor. That is not democracy; that is plutocracy, and don’t the plutocrats always win? It was the plutocratic 1% that selected the Donald, not the 99%. FDR said that presidents are selected, not elected, and they are not selected by the voters. It was the plutocrats who selected Hillary Clinton. They gave voters a choice, between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Don’t call it democracy.

The election was rotten with corruption. More than enough to change the outcomes. Maybe the Russians meddled in it, maybe not, but voter suppression certainly did. The voting machines were hackable and programable. The gerrymandering, the long lines at the polls in Democratic districts, the purging of voters by Interstate Crosscheck, the needless ID requirements. The provisional ballots issued by the thousands to African-Americans and Hispanics who thought they had voted but whose votes will never be counted. The election was a criminal farce.

The most popular candidate, Bernie Sanders, never had a chance. As a socialist he was unacceptable to the plutocrats of both parties who decide these things. Never mind that the people wanted him. The U.S. has never elected a socialist. The people be damned. Money prevailed. Big Money had its way, and this is not the first election it has stolen. In fact, most presidential elections in this century have been stolen. It is a pattern. When will it end? Who will stop it, now that the voting rights act has been repealed, opening the floodgates to Big Money corruption. Heaven help us!

So let’s have no more lies about democracy. No more fairy tales. Voting is the opiate of the people, nothing more.
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January 19, 2017

What is the most urgent problem facing our planet? Our country? Is it warfare? Nuclear proliferation? Oil depletion? Hunger? Epidemics? Air and water pollution? Degradation of our food? Soaring housing costs? Global climate change? Species extinctions? Deforestation? All of these are important, but what is it that they all have in common? What do they all feed upon? And why is it getting little or no media attention?

The answer is human overpopulation. Every one of these crises is linked to and exacerbated by population pressures. Yet most people still do not agree that our planet is overpopulated. Fertility clinics are still legal and thriving, while abortion rights are hotly disputed. There are still people who want to clone human beings. There are still insurance companies that pay for Viagra but not for birth control. Too many Americans celebrated when the US population passed the three hundred million milestone. A gay activist group in Washington State tried to get a measure on the ballot there that would annul any heterosexual marriage that had not produced a child within three years [Fox News, 8 Feb 2007]. Adoption of unwanted children is still a bureaucratic hassle. Childless people are rarely allowed to share in the lives of other people’s children. There has been ample discussion of global climate change, but usually without a mention of its link to overpopulation.

Clinical depression is growing more widespread and some are predicting that by 2020 it will be the world’s number one public health problem. Does population pressure contribute to this? The deer studies of Dr. Hans Selye strongly suggest that it does.

When I bring up this issue I am called racist, which is nonsense. I’m talking numbers, not races. If an airplane that was built to carry twenty-five passengers is carrying fifty, is it racist to point out that the plane is overloaded? Carrying capacity is the issue, not race. Some agree that our planet is overloaded, but argue that more “good” people––meaning their kind of people––are always needed. If an airplane is overloaded, does it matter what kind of people are overloading it? Class is not the issue either. The issue is simple numbers.

The US population has tripled in my lifetime. Do we think this can go on forever? Are there no limits? When will it end? If not now, when? Economists are saying that America is running out of land to develop. “Man begets, but land does not beget,” said Cecil Rhodes. Paul Ehrlich said that the optimal US population is 125 million. How many of us can remember when we were at 125 million?

Fisheries experts are predicting that there will be no more ocean fish by 2048. The World Wildlife Fund predicts that, at present rates of consumption, we will need to colonize two earth-sized planets by 2050. Why are the media not screaming about population’s role in the collision course we are on? Because population growth is good for business? Because militarists want more cannon fodder? Because the Vatican says that contraception is immoral? Because everyone thinks it is the other guy who is overpopulated?

I have not even mentioned the appalling overpopulation among domestic dogs and cats, which are overfed to obesity while Third World children starve. According to NEWSWEEK [ 30 Sep 1996 ], soon we may be faced with a world that supports no living things besides ourselves, cats, dogs, and cows. Yes, there are too many cows.

Sure, we need to change our life styles and cut down our rates of consumption, but these measures will do little good if the population keeps growing. No matter how ascetic our life styles, we all leave footprints on the planet’s ecology. We all have to use energy resources that contribute to climate change. The unborn do not.

What then can we do? Step one is facing facts and admitting that population is a problem. This is not an argument for eugenics, which has to do with race or class. Forget race and class; just look at the numbers. This is a plea for responsible, voluntary restraint of reproduction by all races and all classes, for the sake of the planet that we all share. It is a plea for awareness, a change of attitude. We ought to be able to discuss this urgent matter without finger-pointing, name-calling, or blame games.

Given that our planet is already overpopulated, we need negative population growth, not zero (ZPG). Why are so many people terrified of negative population growth? It is the only thing that can save us. There is no escaping the mathematics. If we do not reduce the birth rate the death rate will rise catastrophically. Which would you prefer?
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October 5, 2016

In California vaccinations are now mandatory for school children. No more exemptions. What a tragedy! Millions of innocent children will be unwillingly and repeatedly injected with septic matter, by government order. This is not a proper function of government!

Ten shots are mandated. Among them:
POLIO—extremely rare in the unvaccinated. Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the vaccine, admitted under oath that the most probable way of contracting polio is to be injected with the polio vaccine.
RUBELLA—not serious in childhood. Vaccine is ineffective.
DIPTHERIA—very rare today.
PERTUSSIS—rare, except in very bad living conditions. Vaccine is believed to be linked to crib deaths in infants.
MEASLES and MUMPS—mild in childhood.
TETANUS—vaccine is ineffective, and harmful to T-lymphocyte ratios.
HEPATITIS B—very rare in infants and children.
CHICKENPOX—typically mild in childhood.

How can it be argued that these vaccines do more good than harm? They are all toxic, risky, and unnecessary. Not one of them can promise immunity. Not one can guarantee safety. Well-documented adverse reactions include seizures, comas, encephalitis, permanent brain damage, mental retardation, paralysis, apneas, and death. Plus latent injuries that may take years to manifest. The cause of autism is still unknown. Ditto the cause of SIDS (crib death). Most adverse reactions are never reported to authorities.

It is argued that vaccines eradicated smallpox and polio, but this is mistaken. Both were in dramatic decline before vaccines became available. You can’t achieve “herd immunity” by inoculating only 10% of the population. These vaccines were, and are, in fact ineffective and harmful. Diseases are eradicated by improvements in sanitation, diet, and living conditions, not by toxic injections. Some epidemics are self-limiting—they burn themselves out. Bubonic plague and scarlet fever were not stopped by vaccines. Nor were cholera or typhus.

There is some evidence that so-called viral diseases are actually caused by toxic chemicals. Viruses are lifeless, after all, incapable of acting. Polio has been linked to Paris Green, a pesticide. AIDS is caused by immunodestructive drugs, according to T.C. Fry. Toxic vaccines cannot fix toxic conditions.

Vaccines are very lucrative for doctors and drug companies. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta are as corrupt as other government agencies. Compulsory vaccination is a scam! It is child abuse, not to mention the animal abuse involved in the manufacture of vaccines.
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