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February 25, 2021

Candy Colored Sky Live Everywhere!

My latest YA coming-of-age romance is LIVE everywhere! I am so madly in love with this story, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did living in the world and building it word-brick by word-brick.
Find your favorite retailer here:\CandyColoredSky.

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Candy Colored Sky by Ginger Scott
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February 10, 2021

Candy Colored Sky Cover Reveal - Book Release Feb. 26

Candy Colored Sky by Ginger Scott Releases Feb. 26 on all Ebook Platforms

𝗖𝗮𝗻𝗱𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝗸𝘆 is coming February 26! This coming-of-age standalone love story will be live on all e-book retail sites. Pre-order links are live at Amazon and BN right now (see below)!

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Jonah Wydner has been in love with his neighbor Eleanor Trombley for years. He has watched her life play out from the sidelines—homecoming dances, football parties, and first dates. Her life seemed easy…simple…𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘧𝘦𝘤𝘵. The complete opposite of his own.

But when Eleanor’s younger sister goes missing and the national media sets up camp in the middle of their street, the girl with the seemingly perfect life shows up in Jonah’s garage in search of a place to hide from the hurt and chaos. What begins as one night becomes many filled with unexpected surprises and unveiling, healing truths about Jonah’s own messy past.

Soon, Jonah gets to know the real Eleanor, and discover all the ways they’re the same. Friendship blossoms into more, plans turn into promises, and hopes and dreams become shared under the warm glow of the fading Midwestern sunsets. But how far can a kiss under a candy-colored sky take them? And what happens when the clouds close in?

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October 9, 2020

Varsity Rulebreaker Is Now LIVE and FREE in KU!

Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you all know that Varsity Rulebreaker is now live and my Varsity Series is complete. These sports romances can be read in any order (though if you're like me you probably like to start at book 1). Quick technical note: Rulebreaker had a KU glitch and was not in KU for a little bit today but it's been fixed. Anyhow, just wanted to share the exciting news and let you know that the binge may begin.

You can find Varsity Rulebreaker here:
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April 25, 2020


10 Full-length Novels from 10 Best Selling Authors
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10 Full-length Novels from 10 Best Selling Authors
Broken heroes, alpha men, shattered souls, second chances, small towns, big cites - 10 bestselling authors have collaborated to take you away to anywhere you wanna go. Ten full-length romance novels to help you escape while you're stuck inside. This limited edition anthology features: Tagged Steel by MJ Fields, Sadie, Doctor Accident by Danielle Norman, Memphis by Ginger Scott, The imPerfect Guy by Leddy Harper, Warrior Undone by Jessica Ruben, Gravity by Lauren Runow, Wrecked by Jeannine Colette, Both Of Me by Amber Kelly, What It Takes to Fall by C.R. Ellis, and Hard Blow by Stella Lang.

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Enter to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card, Chenille Blanket, Starry Night Candle, and 2 champagne flutes!
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Published on April 25, 2020 11:07

December 31, 2019

Meet Cowboy Villain Damsel Duel - Coming Soon!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS!!!! I'm super stoked to announce my upcoming release TITLE and BLURB!!! Don't forget to add it to your TBR!

RIVERDALE meets INCEPTION in this twisty and unique Ya coming-of-age romance by Ginger Scott
Class president.
We all have our identities.
Most of the time, they come from our circumstances. They’re made by others—shoes for us to walk in whether they fit or not.
But what if?
What if we could take off those shoes.
What if we could wear a different pair?
What if those boxes we put ourselves in are better…worse?
And what if, when we do…we’re trapped there for good?
They all call me Cowboy.
She’s the damsel who doesn’t need to be rescued.
And him…he’s the villain.
This is our story. And this is how we want it to be told.

Now wait until you see the cover!
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May 9, 2019

Bred Goes Live!

In case I haven't been obnoxious enough shouting about this book in all corners of my digital universe...BRED is about to go live or already is depending on where you are and what time you're reading this!

I'm so in love with this story. And I have to admit, writing it scared the ever-loving crap out of me. At its heart, Bred is a coming-of-age love story inspired by Great Expectations. The Dickens classic happens to be one of my favorite books of all-time. Add this formula up and you get gut-unsettling fear.

But I didn't want to let intimidation stand in my way. This was a scary thing I wanted to tackle--one that I wanted to slay. And I am so very proud of how BRED came out. It's a unique story, but classical as well. There are small nods (and a few bigger ones) woven into the story to pay homage, but there's also a lot of me.

Dark and wonderful. That's what someone told me after an early read. That small review made my heart feel full, and I hope this story does the same for you.

In case you're still waiting for it to go live (it will be on Amazon and Free in KU by the way!), here's a small taste. I wanted to share a short excerpt just to give you an idea of what's to come.

Enjoy! And if you read on and enjoy Bred, I would love your review.

Find BRED here:

Excerpt from BRED by Ginger Scott
(copyright Ginger Scott - 2019)

“Lily, I love watching you play. I really do. And you’re getting so good. You’re better than me now. God, that first day! Remember how I played the piano?”

“I thought you were amazing,” I say, the goofy grin tickling my cheeks.

“You just thought I was cute,” he says with a tilt of his head. Arrogant and adorable. “I was awful. I know, like…six chords.”

He takes my hands, urging me to my knees in front of him as he places my hands on his chest. He spreads my fingers out and looks down.

“You can play Chopin.” He runs his thumbs over my knuckles, and I fan my fingers along his chest, then play what I remember of the most recent piece I’ve tried. I’m not nearly as good as he says, but he seems so convinced and that makes me think maybe I’m better than I say.

My fingers drum along his chest while his hands hover just above them with the occasional light, feather touch.
“What is this called?”

His lashes are like deep flecks of gold as he looks down at his chest. I love looking at him from this angle, the playful tinge on his lips and new stubble aging his young cheeks. He smells like aftershave sometimes when we’re up here on the rooftop. I like it.

“Polonaise-Fantaisie,” I say, drawing the word out with a curl to my tongue. Henry’s face lifts and his eyes glimmer, narrowing on my lips first, then lifting to my gaze.

“Can you play that for real?”

I move my hands to the right along his body for a run, then lift briefly and move back to the center to tap, just as I would on the keys. My teeth grip my top lip and I shrug.

“I’m working on it. I’m not smooth yet, but it’s getting better.”

I keep thrumming my fingers on his body as I stare at him, but eventually his gaze begins to make me flush, so I look back to my hands. His cover mine when I do, flattening them against his chest and bringing them together so he can hold on with his right hand and move his left to my chin.

“I’d like to hear it tomorrow.” His eyes penetrate, and while I know he truly would, I also know that he isn’t thinking about the piano anymore.
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January 17, 2019

I'm going back to the start...

Let's all take a moment to hear the Coldplay song my headline quotes in our heads. (If you don't know the song I reference, it's The Scientist...and that song has the power to make you cry, I tell you!)

Those words just felt fitting for this post. It's release-eve...though by the time most of you read this post, The Hail Mary will be live and out in the world. This was the end of a journey for me. I've been thinking about what to write here, for my regular-irregular blog post...and the thing that just kept sticking in my mind is the fact that this trilogy was a duet for so long. I keep asking myself why?

I know...I know...a lot of you have been asking me that for about five years. Six? Damn...shoot, yeah...six years. I know...I always was meant to be a trilogy. I think I probably knew that deep down. But these characters, more than any I've ever written, are family. My bones are their bones, my insecurities are Nolan's, my bravado is Reed's, and the wisdom of my family members is in Buck. This series is my home. It's rooted here, quite literally. And the truth of the matter is I never wanted to do anything to these books - the first two...Waiting on the Sidelines and Going Long - that would make them less than what they were.

Waiting was my first, and it will always be my precious baby. It's the book I always wanted to write, and every time a girl like me finds it and identifies with it, my heart beats a little harder. Going Long was the ride. That book was fueled by joy and a new-found confidence that yes...I could do this. But their story--the story of the girl with a boy's name and the screwed up, competitive, little jerk that she loved and forgave maybe more than she wasn't over. You guys were right. They needed their sunset.

I've said this a few times in posts and in various places, but this book - The Hail Mary - is the most satisfying cherry on top I could have ever written. I'm never this certain at the finish. I'm never this bold or confident at release. But I know that if you've loved the ride, you're going to love this trip back home. The Hail Mary is for you. Turns was for me, too.

It's perfect.

I hope you all enjoy!


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June 22, 2018

Cry Baby is live, and I got personal about it...

Hi. I haven't blogged in here in a while, and I'm sorry. There are a lot of things to juggle in the author world - marketing, social media, events, websites, formatting, editing, oh...and writing! I do blog, when I can. And I've started doing it over on my website, which is probably where I will post things a little more often. If you'd like to follow me there and check out my most recent post about Cry Baby and the inspiration behind it, please visit me at

Cry Baby is live today! This is it - release day! This took me on a ride. This one is deeply important to me. It was hard, and it challenged me. The journey was tough, and I took my time where I needed it. There's a lot of truth in this book, and I tried not to sugarcoat any of it. Raw was required, and I hope I did it justice. Also...the kissy parts are pretty freaking hawt :)

It's YA, but it's more than that I hope. It's gritty, and it's based on real people...lots of them. Too many of them. A boy trapped in the gang life and the tomboy girl who needs to prove she's just as good as the boys on the court. This book is everything. I hope it hits your heart in all of the right places.

Welcome to Cry Baby.
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May 26, 2017

A Girl Like Me is LIVE!

The story is now complete! My heart, my soul, my sweet and my sorrow lives with these two. With all my heart, I hoped to bring you all a little magic. Thank you for being the most amazing readers ever!

A Girl Like Me

Purchase links:
Barnes and Noble

I’m not supposed to be here.

Death has come for me more than once, and each time it’s been a boy who’s stood between me and my final breath.

I called him Christopher when he saved me as a child. When he came into my life again, only months ago, I knew him as Wes. Just as he did the time before, he disappeared the moment he made sure I was out of harm’s way; as if I didn’t need any more saving.

This time, though, death left me with a reminder of how powerful it is. I know it meant to strip me of my spirit again, but it failed.

Even so, I know I need Wes to survive. Our souls are woven together somehow, our every breath in sync. I feel it, even though everyone says I shouldn’t.

The world thinks he’s missing.
His loved ones don’t want to believe he’s dead.
Only I know just how special he is.

I’m going to find him and bring him home, where he belongs. Together, we’ll face impossible—we’ll rewrite our ending.

And when the bad guys come calling, we will always win.

Now Available!




They say everyone’s a superhero to someone. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to save, but I know who saved me.

We were kids. His name was Christopher. And up until the day he pulled me from death’s grip, he was nothing more than a boy I felt sorry for. In a

blink of an eye, he became the only person who made me feel safe.

And then he disappeared.

Now I’m seventeen. I’m not a kid anymore. I haven’t been for years. While death didn’t take me that day, the things that happened left me with

scars—the kind that robbed me of everything I once loved and drove me into darkness. But more than anything else, that day—and every day since—has taken away my desire to dream.

I wasn’t going to have hope. I wouldn’t let myself wish. Those things—they weren’t for girls like me. That’s what I believed…until the new boy.

He’s nothing like the old boy. He’s taller and older. His hair is longer, and his body is lean—strong and ready for anything. I don’t feel sorry for him. And sometimes, I hate him. He challenges me. From the moment I first saw him standing there on the baseball field, he pushed me—his eyes

constantly questioning, doubting…daring. Still, something about him—it feels…familiar.

He says his name is Wes. But I can’t help but feel like he’s someone else. Someone from my past. Someone who’s come back to save me.

This time, though, he’s too late. Josselyn Winters, the girl he once knew, is gone. I am the threat; I am my worst enemy. And he can’t save me from myself.
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March 2, 2017

A Boy Like You is LIVE!

I'm so sorry, but this post is going to be short and sweet. I've hit my wall it seems, and this body needs some sleep :) But...I didn't want to go to bed without making sure you all knew that book 1 in my Like Us duet is now live! And this's my new favorite.

Links below. Goodnight, moon <3

Amazon -
iBooks -
Kobo -
Barnes & Noble -

Also, I have a really cool book trailer - check it out here:

Now goodnight...for reals <3
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