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Romance, Courage and Transformation!

One of the most powerful moments in a great love story is the moment when the heroine or hero has the courage to face the fear that has been holding them back from fully living— and stepping into love. Romance stories are stories of courage and transformation.

Why is courage the key to love? Because in order to love fully, a character (or any person) has to be willing to give up a carefully constructed persona; the “self” they have constructed to protect them from pain. To strip away their emotional armor, and dare to become the person they would be if they were not held back by fear.

Stepping into the truth of who we would be if our fears did not hold us back is scary. For most of us, our outer persona has been carefully crafted to keep us from facing pain and wounds from our past. We step forward, feel pain and then retreat, and it is only the call of the other that pulls us toward wholeness, the power of desire, the power of love.

What’s courage and love got to do with baseball?
Courage and love are at the Heart of the Game! Athletes face fear of failure every day. Every day they test their love of the game against their skills, endurance and courage. And for the best of them, they face their challenges and fear in a very public arena: each step forward or back is taken within the community of the game. There’s a power that flows in the community of baseball, and, I would say, there’s a thread of optimism. Fans want players they love to do well.

Players that channel that power and move through their limitations and fears improve their performance and excel. In the first two books of my series, the Heart of the Game, you travel behind the scenes of the game and get to know the truly heroic effort that players make on the field. Alex Tavonesi, the hero of Love Bats Last, and Scotty Donovan, the hero of Thrown by Love (coming March 11th), provide a provocative, enthralling taste of major league action and its challenges..

Let the games begin! The MLB season opens in Australia!
The 2014 Cactus League games will begin on Wednesday, February 26th with three games, highlighted by the Los Angeles Dodgers visiting the Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields in a preview of Opening Series Sydney 2014. The first full slate of games involving all 30 Major League Clubs will take place on Friday, February 28th.

The Dodgers and the D-backs will depart for Australia following their Cactus League games on Sunday, March 16th. Major League Baseball will open its regular season in Australia for the first time when the two teams participate in Opening Series Sydney 2014, a two-game set scheduled for March 22nd and 23rd at the historic Sydney Cricket Ground. We’re talking baseball in Australia here folks. I’m excited for my readers who live there and will get to attend the games.

So, as you get ready for your own spring activities, ask yourself: What might I do if I faced up to some aspect of my life that frightens me and holds me back, something that keeps me from living life as I dream it?

The men of baseball show us that having the courage to face our fears is doable. Taking steps toward the life we dream of can lead us to the life we were meant to live; to the person we were meant to be. So bring on spring, bring on the games, bring on the players we’ve missed over the long, dark days of winter! So, let the games begin!

pa book1 lovebatslast medium 200x300 Courage, Romance and Sports—Oh My!Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares is the first book in the Heart of the Game series. Thrown By Love, #2 will be released on March 11, 2014. To learn more about the new series visit
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Thanks to all the readers who have written to say that they love Fielder's Choice!

It means so much to an author to hear from readers! Thanks to all of you who have already written to tell me that you love the Heart of the Game series-- and to those who've written to say how much they love Alana and Matt's story in Fielder's Choice!

Here's the link for that:

And thank you, all of you :)

Now, back to the draft of book #5, Sabrina and Kaz's story.

Best, Pamela Aares
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Fielder's Choice (#3 in the Heart of the Gme series) Giveaway ends on May 30th!

Dearest Amazing Readers- just a tickler to say that the Giveaway for FIELDER'S CHOICE end soon! Hop in. And book #4, LOVE ON THE LINE is out now! Available at all your favorite on-line bookstores as ebook and print

Thanks for all the early reviews and comments telling me how much you love Cara and Ryan's story -- means so much!

Here's a recap:
Book Four in the Heart of the Game Series

Hiding her identity was a small price to pay for freedom . . .

Heiress Cara Barrington fled the opulent world of her rich and famous family to carve out an idyllic existence on the California Coast. In the sleepy town of Albion Bay, she’s embraced the simple way of living she's always craved. No one knows her identity, and she’s free from the pressures of wealth . . . until her sexy new neighbor threatens the unpretentious world she’s worked so hard to build.

All-Star athlete Ryan Rea enjoys his high-profile status. He’s used to charming his way into the heart and bed of any woman he desires while keeping his own heart secure behind a steel wall. When he meets Cara, she throws him a curveball—she’s unlike any woman he’s ever met, and he has to have her.

Cara’s growing attraction to Ryan endangers her hard-won anonymity, and when she inherits the family business, she must choose between the world she left behind and her new life in the community she’s come to cherish. But facing up to her responsibilities could destroy her freedom and cost her the greatest love she’s ever known.
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LOVE IN THE VINEYARD giveaway of the latest book in the hot Tavonesi Series!

Pamela Aares is giving away a hot off the press copy of the newest book in the Tavonesi Series, LOVE IN THE VINEYARD. The giveaway closes on September 8th so grab it now!

From USA Today bestselling author Pamela Aares comes LOVE IN THE VINEYARD, the seventh book in the Tavonesi family series featuring passion, mystery, and well-won love! Every book in the series can be read as a standalone.

Adrian Tavonesi is creating a paradise on earth in Sonoma California, determined to be worthy of his vast fortune by making the world a better place. Convinced women only like him for his money and his status, he invents an anonymous relationship with the beautiful Natasha to create a dream world for both of them.

As passion flares into an all-consuming affair, the lies Adrian and Natasha have told each other threaten to ruin everything. Adrian is kind, generous, and sincere—Natasha knows he would be the perfect father for her son. But will her past and the devastating gamble she once made destroy her new world? Or will betting on the truth this time lead to the perfect, ever-lasting love?

available at all online bookstores and by direct order at your favorite brick and mortar bookstore:

Amazon Kindle:


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Published on September 05, 2015 17:29 Tags: new-release

LOVE IN THE VINEYARD is available now at all vendors! Here's an excerpt from Pamela Aares' newest release.

In LOVE IN THE VINEYARD, Adrian Tavonesi is creating a paradise on earth in Sonoma California. Convinced women only like him for his money and his status, he invents an anonymous relationship with the beautiful Natasha to create a dream world for both of them.
As passion flares into an all-consuming affair, will the lies Adrian and Natasha have told each other ruin everything? Or will betting on the truth this time lead to the perfect, ever-lasting love?


Natasha’s fears of giving over to the sensations jolting through her at Adrian's touch were stronger than her impulse to let go and enjoy the evening, the moment and the man. Her lucky night, he’d said. She didn’t want to think about luck. She’d had the dream again the previous night—always the same sequence of events, always the same words. It wasn’t right. Surely her mother wouldn’t mock her from the grave.
But the man’s firm leading caught her up, and soon she was twirling and dipping and dancing and laughing.
Until the music ended.
And Natasha snapped back into the room.
She stepped away from his hold. A rush of coolness swept between them as if someone had opened a door or a window, but there was neither in sight. He dipped his head toward hers and she panicked, thinking he was going to kiss her.
“One more?” he asked, smiling. “And then we should get something to drink.”
Relieved that all he wanted was a dance, she nodded.
But then the DJ cued a slow song, a song she’d never heard before. As his hand slipped to her back and down to her waist and he drew her close, her heart rumbled a beat far faster than the slow tempo of the lovely ballad.
He ran his other hand along her arm until his fingertips met hers. He twined his fingers in hers, then lifted their joined hands and rested them against his chest. Through the edge of her palm, she felt his heart beating, keeping time with hers, keeping a tempo that had nothing to do with the DJ or the party or the place. She tilted her head back and caught him smiling down at her as he swayed and drew her into the first slow steps of the dance. The music played not only around her but through her, melding with the beat of his heart against her palm and the feel of his other hand at her back, guiding her, meeting her, caressing her.
And she let go. Surrendered to the pulse of energy flowing in her. And danced with the mysterious man with the beguiling smile.
When the music stopped, she felt like a woman waking from a delicious dream. But within seconds her thoughts rushed in, calling her defenses back into place like sentinels that had waited at the ready, unhappy to have been dismissed for even the briefest of moments.
“Let’s get some air,” he said. “There’s a terrace just outside the back of this tent.”
Air. Yes, air would help her return to her senses.
He took two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and handed one to her.
The night had turned cool, the perfect drop in temperature that would lead to this season’s best grapes. The fog hadn’t yet come in, but there was a distinct chill in the evening air.
He whisked off the black doublet he wore and wrapped it around her shoulders.
“Thank you,” she said, finding her voice.
Several couples were seated near heaters at small tables lit by candlelight. Their mingled voices and laughter rippled into Natasha. Had she ever really had fun? She couldn’t remember.
“The stars are especially bright tonight. No moon,” he said.
She looked up, but he wasn’t looking at the stars. He was looking at her.
“Tell me something about you,” he said softly.
“We’re not supposed to exchange information,” she answered.
“Only identifying information is off limits. Tell me about something you love.”
Under normal circumstances she would’ve said Tyler. She sorted through possible responses and found she wanted to answer. Wanted to share some part of her with this mysterious man. But not without a reciprocal exchange.
“If I do, then after, you tell me something. One thing that you love.”
“With pleasure.”
His accent perhaps explained his rather formal English. She liked the way he spoke, the way his words wound together in unusual patterns and his accent made the words stand out, familiar yet not familiar. For so many years she’d honed her ability to listen, to see, to use her senses to make up for her struggles with written words. She was reaping the reward for honing those senses tonight. With this man in this magical setting.
She hugged her elbows close to her chest. “I love plants, everything about them. Their beauty. Tenacity. Fragility. They speak my language.”
He raised a brow, barely visible above his black mask. “Then we have more in common than loving to dance.”
“I didn’t say I loved to dance,” she said, glad that it was dark and he couldn’t see the heat creep into her cheeks.
“You didn’t have to.”
If she’d known how intimate dancing with him would feel, would she have agreed to dance? Already she felt that she’d stepped into a world with signs and signals she couldn’t read. With sensations that tumbled her thoughts and teased at her carefully held boundaries. But perhaps she was like a prisoner kept too long in a dark cell. She longed for color. For song and dance and laughter. To surrender, if only for a moment.
If only there wouldn’t be consequences.
But there were. There always would be.

Natasha and Adrian's love story, LOVE IN THE VINEYARD, is available now at all online vendors and can be ordered in print from your favorite bookstore!


Amazon Kindle:




Happy reading. And Pamela loves to hear from readers! You can find her at
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Spice up your holidays! A VERY DARING CHRISTMAS out today!

A Very Daring Christmas by Pamela AaresThe greatest dare is the one that leads to love…

From USA Today bestselling author Pamela Aares comes A VERY DARING CHRISTMAS, the eighth book in the Tavonesi family series featuring passion, mystery, and well-won love! Every book in the series can be read as a standalone.

When Cameron Kelly agreed to leverage her status as a Hollywood A-list movie star to help children in Dominia, nothing prepared her for the unthinkable poverty in the remote villages. Nor did she expect to run into a major league baseball star who frees all of her pent-up desires. The next man she lets anywhere close to her heart will be a normal guy, not a celebrity, and certainly not a cocky All Star. Yet when she sees the sexy athlete coaching the local kids in a makeshift sandlot, her heart and her body stop listening to her head.

Flying high after winning the World Series, Jake Ryder is in the Caribbean to rehab his season-sore body and coach village children who are crazy about baseball. Running into Cameron, though, may send him packing. The heat sparking between the two of them has him rethinking his Three-Date Rule, something he swore he'd never do. And when she tries to manipulate him into a publicity stunt to fund her UNICAN project, he decides it’s game over. He's been used too many times by women with an agenda. He won't be used again.

A surprise invitation to Trovare Castle throws them together once more. A mysterious prince and a fatherless boy complicate their already tense reunion, but they soon discover that the greatest dare is the one that leads to true love.

Curl up and lose yourself in the power of a dream...






Pamela loves to hear from readers. You can email here at or sign up for her New Release Newsletter and be the first to hear about giveaways, new releases and special offers:

Happy reading and happy holidays!
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