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December 25, 2016

I do not target any number
For how many books to read.
I read because it's fun for me,
I do not read for speed.
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Published on December 25, 2016 03:46 • 53 views • Tags: goals, resolutions

September 12, 2016

July 8, 2016

June 25, 2016

It's my intent
With a bookmark
It represent
The book's own heart.
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Published on June 25, 2016 05:00 • 38 views

May 14, 2016

Beware the dandelion, son,
the blooms that burst, the seeds that spread.
But, mom, I love the yellow one,
the bursts so bright, the fuzzy heads.

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Published on May 14, 2016 14:16 • 102 views

April 22, 2016

January 1, 2016

I knit myself sweaters
When my knitting was better.
Now I can't bother,
I knit scarves for others.
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Published on January 01, 2016 14:32 • 39 views

December 27, 2015

I worked feverishly knitting my sister a scarf, and a few days before Christmas I realized I would not finish it in time for it. So I decided to present it to her on the needle, partly finished, and to tell her that she gets to choose the length.

Then I found in a book of knitting essays the same occurrence, from Michael Collier: I unwrapped the sweater but I was taken aback to find the present unfinished, bright knitting needles hanging from it.
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Published on December 27, 2015 06:00 • 38 views • Tags: coincidences

December 20, 2015

I came across the same exact concept and almost the same exact quote in two different books: Felicia Day says, "You can attempt anything," a variation on You can do anything, which is not as true if you think about it, and Anne Bartlett says, "Try anything. Some of the tries will work."

I love when I come across the same thing in close proximity, and this is an especially good come-across.
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Published on December 20, 2015 04:52 • 26 views • Tags: coincidences

September 5, 2015

River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, by Peter Hessler--one of my earliest China reads, and possibly the earliest

The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China, by Huan Hsu--China's history through his family history

The Emperor Far Away: Travels at the Edge of China, by David Eimer--about China's many minorities in the four corners of the country

Home is a Roof Over a Pig: An American Family's Journey in China, by Aminta Arrington

Meet Me in Venice: A Chinese Immigrant's Journey from the Far East to the Faraway West, by Suzanne Ma--about Chinese migration to Italy

Beijing Bastard: Into the Wilds of a Changing China, by Val Wang

And more on the irreverent funny side:

Lost on Planet China: Or How I Learned to Love Live Squid, by J. Maarten Troost

Apologies to My Censor: The High and Low Adventures of a Foreigner in China, by Mitch Moxley
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Published on September 05, 2015 08:19 • 84 views