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I thank my dear husband for helping me figure out how to redo my website to something simple and easy to navigate!

We spent the evening going through loads of New Zealand photos to add to the header--man, NZ is the most beautiful country ever! (I'm bias, of course :P)

Anyway, up on the new website are a few short stories for free. They are a mixture of genres . . . All with an element of romance. Check out if you like!


Other than that, I'm excited about an upcoming book I co-wrote with Andrew Q. Gordon that is coming out in August with Dreamspinner Press: (Un)Masked

It's magic realism, similar in vein and tone to (In)visible.

And . . .

Rory and Eric -- "The F Words"

Okay, so the thing is, I'm totally panicking over it at the moment. It's because I have started writing(about 1/4 through) and it's like I've gotten so close to the characters that I'm living their stresses as well.

Messed up, right?

Does anyone else experience that when reading or writing? Being so close to the characters that you start absorbing their fears and worries, too?

But I love the story and have to keep writing it. But it's angsty with Rory's past; the loss of his best-friend and being homophobic.

I am really enjoying writing from two different perspectives this time though! Gah, I just LOVE writing!!!
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The Telluric people live in the four hidden kingdoms: Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn, tasked with keeping Earth’s seasons in balance.
Forced into hiding during the crusades, their lore burned to ashes alongside many loved ones, the Tellurics work their magic unremembered by our world.
Through generations of secrecy, knowledge of their world has withered, with few warriors venturing outside the kingdoms to procure elements needed for their survival.

This website is a companion to the Telluric Realm trilogy, delving more into the history, society, and magic of the Telluric peoples.

Locked Buy Link:


With an interactive map, you can get an idea where scenes are set. The map has markers that lead you to more details about places referenced in the book.


Character pages summarize the main cast of Locked. And a timeline keeps important events in chronological perspective.

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Published on May 05, 2016 02:13 • 131 views • Tags: anyta-sunday, locked, telluric-realm-trilogy, website