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Anyone that follows me can tell I go through "phases." I write, I rest, I write some more, I doubt my abilities as a writer, I blog about my inabilities as a writer, I take hits from readers about being a dumb-ass for not believing in my abilities as a writer, I go back to writing, and somewhere in there I also READ. So, I am back to the "reading" stage. Reading is like a re-charge. Getting my mind off of MY characters, and MY stories helps to clear the cobwebs and straighten up the wrinkles. My brain gets weary and blurry and I can't always think enough to write complete sentences. So I take a break.

Right now, TCOL is with another publisher. (I seriously hope they take it because I don't want to go through the rigamarole of self-pub. I can, and I will, but I don't want to. I was looking into it and there is a LONG list of rules and stuff. I have an idea for a cover and an artist willing to work for me, but really it would be so much easier if a regular publisher just took a shot with me. One of the main reasons is cross-over characters. While My Roommate's a Jock is not a sequel by any means, it does have some of the same characters that are in TCOL. Namely, Darian & Matt but also Darian's friend Sara and her brother... oh what's his name?... oh yeah-ELLIS! I don't know why I did that but I like it when characters do guest appearances on other shows. (rough segue into sit-coms.) Also, when I was writing MRJWC I really thought TCOL was going to be published BEFORE it. Now I am not so sure. Technically TCOL comes chronologically first. There are references to events in TCOL and they are not a big deal if you never read TCOL, but now I second guess myself and wonder if I should take them out?

Side Note: TCOL is a REALLY GOOD BOOK! And seriously needs to be published. (I feel suddenly vain typing that.) My betas liked it. I had oodles of typos but I think they are all taken care of now. I cut two sex scenes, but if I self-pub they are going back in!

MRJWC is sitting for a little while. The beta is done reading it. She loves my characters! (Yay. Happy dance.) She is going to e-mail her thoughts on it soon and I will see what I may have to tweak. It has only been a first draft and I know I will add a bunch of detail when I go back through. I keep thinking about Ellis and Cole. I think they were fun!

I had another story brewing. I don't have names for my guys yet. One character is good looking, sleep around type. (maybe I use that type too much?) Works a dead-end job. He befriends no-name character #2. This guy is shy, plain/not perfect, virgin (*grin*), insecure, nerdy. I am still working on plot theme and what actually moves the plot forward. I can see some scenes in my head and they kind-of talk to teach other. When they really get going (in my head) is when I will know where to start writing. Name suggestions?

While I am taking a breather from editing MRJWC, I am going to read.

I finished Bear, Otter and the Kid. I am going to pick up Something Like Summer. (I have the paperback.) I also want to finish reading Zero at the Bone and Wicked. A lot of reading a head! If you don't hear from me, I fell asleep with my nose in a book.

ALSO... I mailed my book (paperback, WLINE) in to Lambda Literary Foundation. If you are the praying type, can we all pray they review it? The guy I e-mail said he did receive it and it is being considered for review. You know how people are reluctant and sometimes afraid to read When Love Is Not Enough... Those who take the plunge are often blown away. Pray they (Lambda Lit) are up for the challenge. :)


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